The good sake times keep rollin’ people! What is it about the Fall that delivers so many wonderful sake-rific events?! Must be the start of the sake brewing season that gets everyone’s sake mojo flowing and the events underway.

I’m all for sake mojo so let’s take a look at my latest tasting adventure took me to the Wine of Japan Fall 2009 Sake Tasting event.

When Sake fans hear the word “Shirakawago”, they usually think of one thing: Nigori! This event finally afforded me the opportunity to meet Mr. Miwa who makes the famous Nigoris. I learned something interesting – the Nigori that they export is called “SasaNigori” which is not the thickest they have their full nigori is super, super thick and creamy – I’ve never had anything like it! I was happy to get a taste! If you love Nigori, you gotta check out Shirakawago.

Miwa-san makes the famous Shirakawago Nigori

Miwa-san makes the famous Shirakawago Nigori

I also met the president of Nakamura Brewery. They are located in beautiful Ishikawa prefecture. The Sake they are importing now is called Kaga Setsubai and is a wonderfully rounded Junmai. They also had a smaller cup sake that is meant to be frozen and drunk like a slushie. Slushies have never been so fun!

Nakamura-san with the delicious Kaga Setsubai Sake

Nakamura-san with the delicious Kaga Setsubai Sake

Takaisami Brewery is another producer I got to know a little better at this tasting. They were serving a Junmai and their Nakadare Junmai Ginjo. Both were excellent and the visiting Brewery reps were super friendly. I really enjoyed drinking their sake.

Takaisami Brewery introduces Nakadare Junmai Ginjo

Takaisami Brewery introduces Nakadare Junmai Ginjo

I didn’t get to try everything at this tasting, but I still had a lot of fun. There were many outstanding brews from Wine of Japan imports that are still to be tasted. Hope you’ll join me to explore their sakes!


  1. Profile photo of Timothy Sullivan
    Timothy Sullivan

    December 7, 2009 at 7:33 pm

    Miwa-san! Thank you for your comment! I was happy to taste “Junmai Nigori” at this tasting. it really is SUPER super thick and creamy. I think now more Americans would appreciate that! Please try and bring to the USA… where you are famous for Nigorizake!

  2. Kenji Miwa

    November 30, 2009 at 7:54 pm

    This is Kenji Miwa, Shirakawago. Thank you so much for your comments about our Nigori.
    Unfortunately we haven’t exported super, super thick and creamy Nigori, named “JUNMAI NIGORI” yet.
    When we started to export to USA, nobody couldn’t accept that, so started we “SASANIGORI”, which I had at the picture.
    But we continue to try! So if I achieve it, I will tell you, but if you are interested in super, super thick and creamy Nigori….

    Best regards.

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