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Satskos is terrific

I stayed in the neighborhood for a week and Satskos became my “last stop” every evening. Each time I stopped in, I told myself that I would have one short sake and leave. Each time, I became involved in fascinating conversations and stayed quite a while.

The food is wonderful (especially the seared tuna), the staff friendly and professional and the atmosphere very comfortable. I found their site http://www.satsko.com/

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Great Sake and Soba!

Kokage is very close to grand central station and down stairs from the famous Kajitsu restaurant. They have a beautiful bar in the back of the room (imported from Kyoto!) with a beautiful display of sakes that you can order at the temperature of your choosing! This is a great place to visit and enjoy for an upscale Japanese experience. Lunch is also available which is fantastic. Soba is a specialty here, but other delicious food is available, too! Highly recommended.


Fantastische Sake! Echt zu empfehlen!

Fun and Delicious Japanese

I really enjoyed Wagaya a lot. The food is across the board delicious but I especially enjoyed the fried dishes and the sashimi/sushi as well. this place is casual, but very authentic and high quality. Good sake selection, too!

Great place for sake in Chicago!

Great food, atmosphere and a top notch sake list. You can also build your own tasting flight from a large list of options. the perfect way to sample a wide range of sake styles.

Great spot for Yakiniku and Sake!

Great spot in chelsea for the best steak and beef. Solid sake list as well. visit 10 times and you get your own pair of “golden Tongs” with your name engraved… I want that!

Love Kokage!
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I have been a big fan of Kajitsu, but now I’m addicted to Kokage! Their sake list is great, especially the warm sake section is all my favorites. I’m always impressed by the executive chef Odo san’s creation. Kokage always makes me feel like I’m having a meal at hidden spot in Kyoto! Their homemade soba is very famous, but Kokage Ramen is one of a kind, you would be amazed for sure, especially after having some sake;) Don’t miss out!

Oakland - Sake has Landed!

The best spot to pick up sake in Oakland CA. Curated offering of the best sake around. pick up some glasses while you’re at it. Very cute shop! Not to be missed.

Best Sake list at a ramen shop!

At ramen shops around the globe, it seems sake is never a priority. Not here! Ippudo westside has a sake bar in their waiting area and a great sake list with monthly specials. The ramen and respect for premium sake are both outstanding!

Great Sake Selection

If you need sake in Vancouver (and who doesn’t?!) Legacy is a great place to select from a wide selection.

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