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Satskos is terrific

I stayed in the neighborhood for a week and Satskos became my “last stop” every evening. Each time I stopped in, I told myself that I would have one short sake and leave. Each time, I became involved in fascinating conversations and stayed quite a while.

The food is wonderful (especially the seared tuna), the staff friendly and professional and the atmosphere very comfortable. I found their site http://www.satsko.com/

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Great Sake and Soba!

Kokage is very close to grand central station and down stairs from the famous Kajitsu restaurant. They have a beautiful bar in the back of the room (imported from Kyoto!) with a beautiful display of sakes that you can order at the temperature of your choosing! This is a great place to visit and enjoy for an upscale Japanese experience. Lunch is also available which is fantastic. Soba is a specialty here, but other delicious food is available, too! Highly recommended.

Awesome place for warm sake in Tokyo

Like many sake places for people visiting Tokyo, this may be a LITTLE bit hard to find. But, just take the JR train to Shinagawa JR Train station and DON’T exit the turnstile. Stay inside the station before the exit gate and look for the signs for “ECUTE” shopping area. Then take the escalator to the 2nd floor. The great thing about this shop is that they are open on Sundays and they have an English food and sake menu! This sake restaurant also focuses on warm sake, so don’t miss out on that. They have a stunning wall display of 1.8 liter sake bottles. Really amazing, and don’t be afraid to walk over and take a look up close. Enjoy your sake and food, but be sure to try a couple styles warm!

Yummy Tempura!

Enjoyed my omakase here very much. Great value for the price. Nice sake and service, too!

The Best Selection

Sakaya is a NYC gem and your place for the best selection of sake. If you’re a sake lover, make a trip to east 9th street part of your regular routine to stock up. Tell Rick and Hiroko that Urban Sake sent you!

Awesome Boutique Sake Shop in Tokyo

Great curated selection of sake in Tokyo. If you want to pick up a special bottle for friends in while in Tokyo, this is a fantastic place. Near Shinbashi train station, make a trip here for a great retail location for sake. The owner, Jun Okuma, speaks great English if you need help selecting a bottle.

Fun, yummy, busy izakaya!

Classic busy, loud and fun izakaya. no reservations so you may have to wait but good sake and fried food! yum

Great Sake spot focusing on Nagano

Wonderful and fun little sake izakaya that has a collection of rare and fun sakes from small producers of Nagano Prefecture. This place might have one of the smallest kitchens, but that doesn’t stop them from turning out great dishes to pair with their sakes.

Amazing Food and Hospitality in Vancouver

Octopus’ Garden is an amazing sake restaurant in Vancouver. Mr. Sada is the owner and wonderfully warm and inviting host behind the bar. The tasting menu or “omakase” is highly recommended and the sake list is first class, too. Great place for Japanese food and Sake while in Vancouver!

Fantastic sake pub in Shibuya

Wonderfully large sake menu! so much to chose from, it will explode your brain. This place has been bustling and busy every time I go, but that is kinda what you want in your Izakaya. Kind of hidden location, so bring your google maps! I always try and visit this place when in Tokyo.

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