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Hello there Sake Fan!
Welcome to the July issue of the Urban Sake education newsletter. So many new sake resources and webinars are coming online. See below for some upcoming events and some webinar replays that I hope you will find informative and fun.

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FREE Amasake Webinar July 23rd!

Have you heard of Amasake before? This nutritious, non-alcoholic rice drink with no added sugar is ubiquitous in Japan, but not yet well known in the States. It is super healthy, delicious and a great example of a beneficial fermented food.

It is rich in nutrients including vitamin B1, B2, B6, folic acid, dietary fiber, oligosaccharide, cysteine, arginine and glutamine and it has an all natural sweetness from the use of koji rice with absolutely no added sugar. Some even go so far as to call Amasake a "drinkable IV!"

I think of Amasake made with koji as Nihonshu's sweet and innocent little kid sibling! If you're interested in koji and fermentation, you don't want to miss it! See the sign up page for information on ordering Amasake for yourself to try.

Thursday July 23, 8PM ET

The Sake Webinar Archive

There have been so many sake webinars online recently it is hard to keep track! To help you all discover this valuable information, we've put together a Sake Webinar Archive. This is a free repository for all the recent webinars for you to catch the replay and enjoy.
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Online Sake Events


Sake Events are now ONLINE!

New! Discover the world of virtual sake events that are happening online! If we can't be there in person, this is the next best thing! Check out our event listing.

Sake Revolution Podcast

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Join the Revolution! There is a new Podcast in town and it is America's FIRST Sake Podcast: Sake Revolution. Listen in and learn in this fun and easy to understand format.

Sake Education Resources

san-dan-jikomi chart-600

Understanding "Sandan Jikomi"

The "three step preparation" method for building up the main sake fermentation mash is one of the cornerstone concepts in sake. Visit our Sake Glossary for a full introduction to this integral step in sake production! Graphics included for visual learners!
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