My Sake Seminar (& Kimono) in Chopsticks Magazine

My next Sake Seminar at the Astor Center was recently mentioned in Chopsticks Magazine. I'll be pouring some Nanbu Bijin Sake in the class and if you pick up this month's Chopsticks, you can see a brief mention about the class and some of the benefits of attending a sake seminar and tasting Nanbu Bijin. It's a great sake and a wonderful example to use in class, too. Chopsticks also shows me in my "Sake Samurai" outfit - head to toe formal men's kimono! You might not see that in class, but the sakes and tasting will be a blast. I hope you'll join me!

Guest Blog Post: Pouring Hakkaisan in Toronto!

Check out my recent guest blog post over at They asked me to write a report on my visit with Team Hakkaisan to a historic sake tasting and seminar held in Toronto, Canada. This sold out event was a blast and everyone enjoyed…

Rihaku Night at Sakagura

After a fun night at the Akita Sake Tasting, I was ready for more, so I made my way over to Sakagura for their advertised Rihaku Sake Night! I Saw Rihaku's President Mr. Yuichiro Tanaka recently at the Japan Society event, so I was looking forward to trying more delicious Rihaku. Rihaku Shuzo was founded in 1882 in Shimane Prefecture Japan and is named for a famous poet who is kown to have said, “I drink a bottle, and can write 100 poems.” The same is true for me, but with sake blog posts instead.

Spring 2011 Akita Sake Tasting

It's been a whirlwind of activity on the NYC sake scene this month. Things really picked up pace with the always enjoyable Akita Sake Club event happening on May 13. This year, sakes from all over Japan were served and lots of activities were…

Japan Society Sake Tasting ’11: Back To Basics

The Japan Society's annual sake tasting event was held on May 10th this year with the usual format, but this year, we went "back to basics" with a lecture led by Mr. John Gaunter. John gave a wonderful overview of the core concepts of sake.…

Sake at the Lucky Rice Grand Feast

Have you been to any of the Lucky Rice Events? I was recently pouring sake at the super-duper elegant event Lucky Rice Grand Feast event at the swanky Mandarin Oriental Hotel. Everyone was dressed to the nines! Folks were very interested…

The Dassai Experience: A Walk Around the Brewery

Once I was settled into my room, the first order of business was to take a walk around the brewery grounds. I first visited Dassai in 2007. Since then there have been a lot of changes! First off, a brand new factory building has been built.…

Guest Blog Post: Hakkaisan’s Raiden-sama Water!

Check out my recent guest blog post over at They asked me to write a report on my visit to the wellspring of their brewing water, the sacred Raiden-sama water source! Check out the full report, video and photo gallery on Ha…

2011 Ohanami Sake Tasting at Sakagura

On May 3rd, Sakagura Restaurant hosted an annual sake event the "Ohanami" Sake tasting. This event featured sake from lots of distributors! This event was a blast. I tasted several sakes I know and love and (one of my favorite things to do)…

The Dassai Experience: What’s New Yamaguchi?!

For two months earlier this year, I lived and worked at Asahi Shuzo, makers of the world famous Dassai super premium sake in Yamaguchi, Japan. My goal was to learn about the real life in a sake brewery and learn the basics of sake brewing for…

Donate to Support Japan’s Sake Brewers!

UPDATE: April 4th 2011 -- The PayPal Donation Page for the Japan Sake Brewer's Assoc Jr. Council is temporarily not working. I'll be updating this page as soon as new details are available. Thanks for considering a donation to directly help…
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2010 Golden Masu Awards

Before we leave 2010 behind us forever, I wanted to take a look back at this year and highlight some master brews we encountered over the last 12 months. It's been an awesome year - both for sake and for myself! I got to travel to Japan twice this year which is a dream come true. Tasting new sakes is always a thrill and 2010 allowed me to do lots of that. What could be better?!

JFC Sake Expo 2010

I recently attended the JFC Sake Expo in Manhattan. This is a trade event that introduces sakes imported by the sake importing company JFC. For me, it's a great chance to get up close and personal with some of the great sakes brought to…

Japan Trip 2010: Saiya Sake Brewery

My next visit in Japan was to Akita's Saiya Shuzoten, makers of the famous Yuko No Bosha sakes. Mr. Kataro Saito was off on business, but his lovely wife Ms. Maki Saito and their Toji Mr. Takahashi gave me a nice tour of their brewery! One…

Japan Trip 2010: Akita Seishu Sake Brewery

With a visit to Akita Seishu Sake Brewery, you really get two, two, two Breweries in one! You see Akita Seishu makes sake under two Brands in two facilities including both the Kariho and Dewatsuru labels. I interviewed Mr. Yohei Ito of Dewatsuru…

Japan Trip 2010: Hideyoshi Sake Brewery

My next stop on my Japan Trip this October was Suzuki Shuzoten, a company also known by their famous brand name Hideyoshi.

Japan Trip 2010: Tenju Sake Brewery

Another stop on my whirlwind tour of Japan was the magnificent Tenju Sake Brewery. I was greeted at the brewery entrance by Mr. Takeshi Ohi, the brewery President, and his younger brother Mr. Hitoshi Ohi, the brewery's Managing Director.

Japan Trip 2010: Hinomaru Sake Brewery

In late 2009, I had the honor of sitting down for a lengthy in-person interview with Mr. Jouji Sato, President of Akita's Hinomaru Sake Brewery. This interview left me feeling greatful and intrigued by this Brewery and their well known brand "Manabito". When the opportunity came up to visit Akita this Fall, I was delighted to be able to pay a visit and see birthplace of Manabito for myself!

Japan Trip 2010: Naba Sake Brewery

My next stop in Japan was at the Naba Sake Brewery in Akita City, Japan. On a very rainy and cold Akita afternoon, I was welcomed to the Naba Sake brewery by its COO, Mr. Hisashi Naba. Mr. Naba was a youthful and engaging guide to his brewery.…

Japan Trip 2010: Ichishima Sake Brewery

My next stop in Japan was Ichishima Sake Brewery, located in Shibata City, Niigata. I've known the current brewery President, the young and dynamic Kenji Ichishima for several years now. Ichishima-san is the current leader of the Sake Brewer's Association Junior Council / Sake Samurai organization where I first met him in 2007. He is the descendant of a sake brewing family steeped in tradition that dates back over 200 years, but he has also spent considerable time abroad and in addition to speaking fluent English, he also understands the dynamic of western cultures.

Japan Trip 2010: Masukagami Sake Brewery

Before I left Kamo, Niigata, Ms. Yamazaki took me to meet a local sake Brewery in town. It was just a short drive from Yamazaki Sake shop to the Masukagami Sake Brewery. As they currently don't export to the US, I had not yet tried their sake,…

Japan Trip 2010: Yamazaki Sake Shop

My next stop this autumn in Japan is a small town in Niigata called Kamo. I met Megumi Yamazaki on twitter, and she introduced herself as someone who runs a sake shop in Japan. I was excited to see how sake is sold outside the big city…

Japan Trip 2010: Koyoido – Kyoto’s Cutest Sake Ceramics

The 21st Century is turning out to be kinda hectic so far, with everyone's Twitter, Facebook, RSS feeds and Flickr streams constantly demanding attention. However, the obvious upside to all this technology is that it allows people to connect with one another. This is exactly what happened to me when I met the adorable Ren and Rie, a couple who run what has to be the the cutest ceramics atelier in Kyoto: Koyoido.

Japan Trip 2010: Sake Samurai Ceremony

On this trip to Japan, I returned to the Sake Samurai Ceremony in Kyoto to witness the 5th annual celebration of this great event. The purpose of Sake Samurai is to acknowledge select individuals, both inside and outside of Japan, who are working…

Japan Trip 2010: Matsuo, Home of the Sake Gods

I'm visiting Kyoto this year to attend the 2010 Sake Samurai Ceremony and was lucky enough to get a chance to visit the Matsuo Taisha (松尾大社). Founded in 701 A.D., it's an ancient Shinto shrine on the outskirts of Kyoto City…

Japan Trip 2010: Sake Restaurant Ishii

A trip to Tokyo wouldn't be complete for me without what I call a Sake Blogger Summit, which is complicated industry speak for a fun night out with my sake blogging friends Melinda of Tokyo through the Drinking Glass fame and Etsuko of Tokyo Foodcast.

Japan Trip 2010: Cup Sake Bar Buri

So you fly into Narita at 4pm on a Monday afternoon and what do you do? Well, if you're a 21st century sake blogger like me, why not meet up with a cyber-twitter-sake-blog-colleague and go on a cup sake adventure through Tokyo?! I first met Maki Osugi online when I discovered his wonderful cup sake blog bq69 collectibles. I liked his blog so much I asked him for an interview in 2009 that you can read here. Luckily for me Maki-san had lived in New York and spoke fluent English!

Chopsticks Interview October 2010

This month I had the honor of being interviewed alongside Kenichi Kuno by Chopsticks Magazine in the October issue on newstands now! October is sake month and Chopsticks asked us all kinds of questions about sake! What's my golden rule…

Hakkaisan Sake Restaurant Week September 2010

Hakkaisan Sake Brewery has been hosting a monthly "Hakkaisan Restaurant Week" which is a limited time each month when top NYC restaurants feature specials paired with Hakkaisan Sake. I wanted to explore this for myself and set out for 15…

Mutual Trading Restaurant Show 2010

The New York Mutual Restaurant show is a yearly 'to the trade' event that showcases the best in food, restaurant supplies... and SAKE! This year was awesome and I got to taste some of the best sake that New York Mutual has to offer. One trend…

New York Joy of Sake 2010

The Joy of Sake is an annual sake tasting that is a big as it gets in the USA. This year the New York Joy of sake event was at a new location: 82 Mercer st. in Soho. I think this was a great move and this year was one of the most enjoyable…

Tedorigawa Triple Gold Sake Tasting at Sakagura

I recently enjoyed a fantastic sake tasting event at Sakagura celebrating the sake from Tedorigawa. Mr. Ryuichi Yoshida, President of Tedorigawa Sake Brewery was on hand to introduce us all to is wonderful brews! In all, we tasted four of…

Joto Sake Tasting at the Good Fork Restaurant

How far would you travel for good sake? How about to the known edge of the sake universe? Or in other words: Red Hook! Henry Sidel, president of Joto Sake recently hosted an unforgettable sake night at the Good Fork Restaurant in far out…

Nanbu Bijin Sake and Moyashimon at JCC

Japanese Culinary Center and Nanbu Bijin Brewery recently co-sponsored an event celebrating Nanbu Bijin's role in Moyashimon. Have you ever heard of the Japanese Manga Moyashimon (aka "Tales of Agriculture")? It's a fun story about a young…

Sake Brewery Tours in Japan: Feb & March 2011!

Have you ever wanted to tour Japan and visit the places where sake is made? I just heard about an amazing opportunity to do just that!! Sake-World expert John Gaunter and TokyoFoodCast dynamo Etsuko Nakamura are undertaking something I had always wished existed - Sake Brewery Tours!

Dassai “Summer Otter” Set at Sakagura

In early August, I made time to visit a special tasting night at Sakagura. Mr. Kazuhiro Sakurai, executive director of Dassai Brewery (Asahi Shuzo) and three young Kurabito (sake brewery workers) came to New York to offer a unique tasting…

July 2010 Elements of Sake class

On July 19th, 2010 I taught another Elements of Sake class at the fun and exciting Astor Center in New York City's East Village. This class is always a blast to teach and I've already been teaching here for three years! Hard to believe it's…

Hakkaisan Tanabata Celebration at Sakagura

I was invited to help introduce and pour Hakkaisan sake at a special event at Sakagura restaurant celebrating the festival of "Tanabata". Tanabata Matsuri is known as the “Japanese Star Festival” and is usually held on the 7th day of the 7th month of the year. The festival commemorates two star-crossed lovers Orihime and Hikoboshi who could not be together on earth, but come together once a year in the heavens as stars.

Masumi Sake Events in New York City!

When I was a little kid, I knew Easter and the promise of Spring was on it's way whenever I saw those Cadbury bunny chocolate eggs start to appear in the supermarket. I would also totally get a tummy ache from always eating too many, but despite…

VOS Selections features Prestige Sakes

As a part of their 2010 Grand Portfolio Tasting, I attended a wonderful sake lecture by Kazu Yamazaki of Prestige Sakes. Kazu and Mariko Yamazaki work tirelessly to promote sake and introduce their wonderful Prestige Sakes to the US. Kazu-san's…

Kuramoto US Sake Promotion Event

A Sake Industry promotion company called "Kuramoto US" recently put on a sake tasting event at the fantastic Kitano Hotel. Twelve Sake breweries were featured at the tasting, many bringing their precious and fresh Namazake for us to try. That…

Sake 101 at The International Restaurant Show

In March the International Restaurant Show was held at the Javitz Center. This year a large Japanese pavilion was featured and I was lucky to be asked to speak at the event. I held a Sake 101 lecture and spoke alongside Monica Samuels and…

Washoku -Try Japan’s Good Food (and Sake!)

The Consulate General of Japan in New York recently hosted a reception at the Ambassador's official residence to promote the "Washoku -; Try Japan's Good Food" campaign. On a very snowy afternoon in February, press, chefs and guests were…

Kubota Night at Sakagura

After my fun Kubota Adventure at Decibel, I didn't want to miss the Kubota event at Sakagura! This time I was in for one of my new favorite sakes...Senshin Junmai Daiginjo!! Today, Sanjo-san, visiting from the brewery that makes Kubota, was serving a special and beautifully presented Kubota Junmai Daiginjo set. This set included Kubota Manju Junmai Daiginjo, Tokugetsu Junmai Daiginjo, and last but not least Senshin Junmai Daiginjo.

Kubota Sake Tasting at Decibel

In early February, on the night of one of our awful winter storms this year, I trekked over to Decibel to attend a fantastic Kubota event. They weather was storming, but I followed by Sake Samurai Motto: Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night stays the sake samurai from the swift attendance of their appointed sake tastings.

Akira Organic Sake in New York!

I was lucky enough to attend some wonderful and cutting edge sake events this past week. What makes them cutting edge? One word: Organic.

Upcoming Kubota Sake Events in NYC

Kubota is coming to town! One of the most famous premium sake brands in all of Japan, "Kubota" has two fantastic sake events scheduled for this week! If you can make it, I think they will be fantastic! Mr. Sanjo from the Brewery will be a special guest at both events and able to answer questions and help introduce you Kubota. Don't miss these events

Sake Dictionary Iphone App

Sake Super-Sensei John Gauntner has come out with his first Iphone app - it's a version of his valuable sake dictionary that you can carry without at all times now on your Iphone. This is surely to be a much loved app for every sake fan out there.

Japanese Culinary Center Sake Tasting

Sake Sensei George Kao recently taught a fun Sake 101 class with a twist at the beautiful Japanese Culinary Center. The twist? George incorporated a blind tasting contest into the event. It made for a fun and exciting showdown for everyone attending!

Organic Akira Sake Events in NYC

There are several upcoming sake events in NYC that introduce the exciting new AKIRA brand of organic junmai sake from Ishikawa prefecture. This sake is not yet for sale in the US market, so this is a very RARE chance to try this delicious organic sake rice made into a beautiful sake!

Urban Sake + Japanese Language = Fun Time! and Jon Hills from Hills Learning Japanese Language School co-sponsored a fun Sake 101 and Japanese Language 101 class held at ONYA udon noodle resturant.

Explosive Great Taste for New Year’s Eve

New Year's Eve is about as loaded a holiday as you can get. All the pressure to be at the perfect party with that special someone at the stroke of midnight toasting with a glistening flute of the best champagne. And the New Year's Resolutions - Don't get me started on that subject.

New Kid on the Block: Kanoyama Sake Bar

IF you live in New York City and you love sushi, chances are very high you've discovered Kanoyama Sushi Restaurant. Scott introduced me to this place on Superbowl Sunday several years ago. As you may know, this is the one evening of the year when you can really have your pick of restaurants. While the world was enjoying the Superbowl halftime show, I was enjoying the spectacular sushi.
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2009 Golden Masu Awards

For me personally, I'll look back on 2009 as a year with some struggles, some fun and some really great sake! ...And, at least for me, sake helps with both struggles and with fun. It's the time of year again when we salute some of the best sakes of the year... Just like the Oscars with lots more sake and a lot less movie stars. This year's list of winners runs the gamut from honjozo to cup sake to the finest junmai daiginjo. All of it delicious in it's own special and unique way.

2009 Fall Akita Sake Tasting

If you can count on one thing, I would say it's that the folks involved with the Akita Sake Club know how to throw a sake party! It's that time of year again, and I was lucky enough to snag an ticket to the wonderful and fun Akita Sake Club…

Japanese Sake Makes Debut in British Parliament

I saw this great news tidbit on Kyodo News and found this fantastic! I wonder if sake has been served in the White House yet? prolly has! I'm especially excited as this story features Koichi Saura from Sake Samurai and Urakasumi fame! Yea…

Naraman Sake Tasting at Sake Hana

When Sake Hana talks, people listen! or at least rabid sake fans listen. I was happy to be on the Sake Hana email list to get a notice about a special event being held in their little sake hideaway. Scott, Chizuko-san and I made our reservations…

Fall 2009 Wine of Japan Sake Tasting

The good sake times keep rollin' people! What is it about the Fall that delivers so many wonderful sake-rific events?! Must be the start of the sake brewing season that gets everyone's sake mojo flowing and the events underway. I'm all…

“Underground” Sake Tasting at Decibel

I was lucky enough to hear about a true "underground" tasting at Decibel, the much beloved downstairs sake bar in the East Village. The vibe was very much a Japanese speakeasy crossed with a flash mob. It was crowded, but fun to see all the…

Umenoyado at Matsuri

Matsuri Restuarant has been ramping up their sake events and I was delighted to attend a recent event there devoted to Umenoyado sake sponsored by Daiei Trading Sake Importers. I last had Umenoyado sake at a tasting event at Sakaya back in…

New Sake Iphone App!

Our friend Michael over at has done what SO many tech savvy sake fans have been clamoring for! A sake Iphone app! This is the kind of thing that I always said, I wish I knew how to do that! Luck for us, Michael does and…

Joto Sake Brewers at Matsuri

There was a wonderful tasting this week held at Matsuri Restaurant in Chelsea featuring the delicious sakes of Joto Sake. What made this event especially exciting was the presence of four of Joto sake brewers! in the Japan Times!

Sake Day comes once a year on Oct 1st. This year, I was a little distracted with a certain boat trip, but in my soul, every day is Sake Day. For Sake Day 2009, I was honored to be asked by the Japan Times for an interview about all things…

New: Sake Brewery Tours!

Have you ever wanted to tour Japan and visit the places where sake is made? I just heard about an amazing opportunity to do just that!! Sake-World expert John Gaunter and TokyoFoodCast dynamo Etsuko Nakamura are undertaking something I had always wished existed - Sake Brewery Tours!

Sake Cruise ’09: Osaka, Mukune & Tako

Our Arrival in Osaka was rainy, but still exciting - they had a high school band playing and lots of kids were out to see the big boat pull into port. One thing that set Osaka apart from Sendai, Hakodate and even Tokyo was the development of…

Sake Cruise ’09: Tokyo, Sawanoi & Sake Ice Cream

As we slowly docked in Tokyo Harbor, I heard this odd noise off in the distance. As we drew closer, I saw clearly that there were live Taiko Drummers stationed on the dock to greet us! It was a very memorable welcome ceremony and I couldn't wait to get off the ship and start exploring Tokyo!

Sake Cruise ’09: Shiogama, Urakasumi & Kimono

This morning I woke up as the Seven Seas Mariner was pulling into the harbor at Sendai located in Japan's Miyagi Prefecture. Downtown Sendai City is actually about a 45 min drive from the industrial port area where we had docked. Most guests were on their way to tours and excursions, but I was leaning off the ship's balcony looking for someone. Beyond the standard brews, there are may alternate production methods that offer unusual tastes and unique flavors!

Sake Cruise ’09: What’s New Hakodate

Kanpai Japan! Today the Seven Seas Mariner landed in Japan! Specifically the charming city of Hakodate, on the large northern island of Hokkaido. Beyond the standard brews, there are may alternate production methods that offer unusual tastes and unique flavors!

Sake Cruise ’09: Sake History

Today was the sake tasting that I call "a walk on the wild side" of sake. We tasted 3 super funky brews that will surely widen your view of what sake can taste like! Beyond the standard brews, there are may alternate production methods that offer unusual tastes and unique flavors!

Sake Cruise ’09: Advanced Sake Tasting

Today was the sake tasting that I call "a walk on the wild side" of sake. We tasted 3 super funky brews that will surely widen your view of what sake can taste like! Beyond the standard brews, there are may alternate production methods that offer unusual tastes and unique flavors!

Sake Cruise ’09: Sake in Siberia

I'll admit I approached today with a bit of trepidation. Coming of age in the cold war 1980's, films, TV and even the President infamously portrayed the USSR as the "Evil Empire". 30 years and a cultural revolution later, I didn't know what…

Sake Cruise ’09: Rockin’ Sake!

I went to bed on Sept 20th, 2009 and woke up on Sept 22nd, 2009. We crossed the international date line overnight and Sept 21, 2009 just didn't happen! I'm not quite sure how all this works and why this is done, but I'm just along for the ride and having a great time.

Sake Cruise ’09: How to Taste Sake

Today was our second full day at sea. No stops, no ports of call, sailing all day, all night. You might think that this leads to a feeling of being bored and all cooped up, but quite on the contrary, the staff organizes lots and lots of activities: games, lectures, dancing, bridge, tea, concerts, comedy, and of course, SAKE TASTINGS!

Sake Cruise ’09: The Deadliest Catch

Day 4 onboard the Seven Seas Mariner was action packed! I woke up in Dutch Harbor Alaska. This was our last day on American Soil as we would be sailing out at 1pm across the Bering strait on our 2 day voyage to Siberia. This was also my first…

Sake Cruise ’09: Let the Seminars Begin!

Today was a big day on Sake Cruise 2009! Not only is today our first day "at sea" (i.e. no ports of call - sailing the open ocean all day) but today was also my first Sake Seminar for the Guests aboard the Seven Seas mariner as well as an informal…

Sake Cruise ’09: Over the Rainbow, Part 2

I won't lie - last night, our first evening on board, was rough! 15 foot waves were bouncing us around and I even heard the experienced crew complaining of sea sickness. Choppy waters out the window were cresting white and loud. "Will the…

Anchors Away!

After seemingly endless hours in the air, an overnight in Achorage and a three hour bus ride, I finally arrived at our sake cruise ship in Seward, Alaska. We're sailing on the Seven Seas Mariner and it sure was an impressive site catching…

A Sake Night to Remember III: Daishichi!

Sake Sommelier Chizuko Niikawa-Helton, Founder of Sake Discoveries, recently held her third official sake party. Known as "A Night to Remember", Chizuko-san introduces those lucky enough to get a ticket some wonderful and usually hard to find sake.

Rachel Ray show visits Sake One in Oregon!

The "Rach' to the Rescue" van featured on the Rachel Ray Show visited Sake One in Orgeon. Here is a video clip from there visit. It gives you a real flavor of the place. You can see the brewing takes and a bit of the production methods used…

Sake Invades Union Square

Union Sq Wines & Spirits doesn't showcase sake very often, but when they do, it's a doosie! I recently attended their late summer 2009 "Sake Brewer's Showcase". It a jam packed collection of the best sake from Five different importers: World…

Chris Johnson Sake Video

Don't know how I missed it, but I just came across this great video of Sake Maestro Chris Johnson discussing all things sake with Saveur Magazine Editor-in-Chief James Oseland at the Asia Society, filmed December 1, 2008. Chris is a great guy…

Join Me on a Sake Cruise to Japan!

Life in New York City can really be tough sometimes. Cramped subways, runaway taxis, even malicious pigeons... It's enough to make even the most dedicated city slicker want to escape into a day dream. Thinking about some of the wonderful,…

Fu’s on First? Shojin Ryori and Sake

A recent visit by my newlywed vegetarian sister was a perfect excuse to go again to our favorite NYC Japanese vegetarian "Shojin Ryori" restaurant: Kajitsu.

San Diego Sake at Sushi Ota

On a recent trip to San Diego, thanks to their Zagat rating of 28, I was luck enough to discover Sushi Ota. The sushi was really quite good and best of all, they had a solid list of sushi friendly sakes. They had Hakkaisan Junmai Ginjo on the menu, so I ordered that to start.

Tony McNicol’s Sake Brewery Photography

Tokyo-based photographer and journalist Tony McNicol recently contacted me to share his photo series from Terada Honke Sake Brewery located in Chiba Prefecture. I found these photos beautiful and to me they really conveyed the essence of life at a brewery.

The Best Part of Cup Sake…

Here is a short video to share with you one of my favorite things about drinking cup sake... Enjoy!
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Cup Sake Event at Soba Totto

On July 16, 2009, Kanpai NY and Soba Totto co-sponsored a "Cup Sake Matsuri" with at the Soba Totto Bar. The event was part of "One Cup Sake" week here on We had a great turn out and sold out all the cup sake they had!

Cup Sake Videos: Ge-Ge-Ge no Kitaro!

It seems everyone in Japan knows the anime "Ge-Ge-Ge no Kitaro". Created by the famous Japanese artist Shigeru Mizuki (水木 しげる), Kitaro has had a wide impact on Japanese Popular culture. So much so that Chiyomusubi…

Interview: Chizuko Niikawa, Sommelier & Cup Sake Fan

Our friend Chizuko-Niikawa-Helton of is a famous Sake Sommelier and a fan of "cup sake". I recently caught up with Chizuko-san at the beautiful