About Me

My name is Doug Tygar and I live in Berkeley, California.  I had the privilege of studying Nihonshu under John Gauntner.  I was named a Certified Sake Professional by the Sake Education Council in November 2009 and an Advanced Sake Professional by the Sake Education Council in February 2016 (unfortunately, John has not updated his page yet).  I studied the Japanese language for seven years, and have written several scientific articles in Japanese.  I participated in the translation of one of my books into Japanese.  I am a frequent patron of two local sake-ya in the San Francisco Bay Area:  Umami Mart and True Sake.  In Tokyo, my favorite sake-ya are Masumoto and Liquors Hasegawa.

I also have an avid interest in other aspects of wines and spirits, and a list of my sommelier certifications can be found at my profile (still incomplete) at Guildsomm.  My day job is being a computer science professor at UC Berkeley.


Berkeley, CA