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Japan, 〒104-0061 Tokyo, Chuo, Ginza, 3 Chome−5−8 松屋銀座 日本香堂ビル B1F
Ginza 1 Chome 21-8 Chūō-ku Tōkyō-to 104-0061 JP

Matsuya Ginza Nippon Kodo building B1F,3 Chome−5−8, Ginza Tokyo, Japan 104-0061
〒104-0061 中央区銀座3-5-8銀座らん月地階

Mon-Sat: 11:30-22:30
Sun: 11:30-21:30

Sake no Ana means “Sake Hole” in English. It’s downstairs in a building in the posh Ginza district of Tokyo. Just steps away from the Ginza Apple store, if that helps you find it. The sake selection is outstanding. The sake bar counter is where you can sit to enjoy the view of the dozens and dozens of sake bottles, but it is the smoking area, too, which is not so good for enjoying sake. The food is great izakaya fare and I love their fried food especially. This is one of the few sake specialty restaurants open for lunch! hello #daydrinking! If you’re in Ginza – don’t miss it! No English menu.

My Favorite Sake Lunchtime stop!

When I go to Tokyo, I try to pack in as much sake as I can, so finding good a good sake lunch spot is important! They are rare, so a favorite is Sake no Ana (the Sake Hole). The Sommelier and General Manager Mr. Sakamoto has introduced me to SO many great sakes over the years. Sake no Ana also has great lunch sets for the Ginza business lunch crowd, so you can’t be that, either! large sake selection but no English menu.

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