brewin’ sake in the kitchen

Today I went to my first Sake Meetup meeting. Meetup.com is a website that helps people with common interests find each other. Lo and behold there is a sake appreciator’s group. It was a fun afternoon and everyone at the meeting was really great. Everyone was so friendly and willing to share their knowledge about sake. loved it.

The purpose of the meeting this time around was that Jeff, the group’s “toji” was going to be making some homemade Sake in his kitchen. We got to watch and sit back and relax as we enjoyed some great sakes.
I will definitely attend other Sake Meetup events. It was clear to see that Sake is best enjoyed with others over great conversation.

Sake Brewing Process – this was really cool.

The Rice was first Soaked and then steamed.

Koji or special mold needed to make sake is waiting in the blender to be ground up.

Ground up Koji is added to water in a bucket.

Steamed rice is added to the Water/Koji mixture.

Some Liquid yeast is added to the mixture.

Last but not least, the sake bucket is sealed with this special water filled gasket that lets gases out, but does not let air in. genius! I think we’ll have sake in a month?! right on.