NYC: Fukumitsuya Sake Tasting at Sakaya

Fukumitsuya Sake Tasting Fukumitsuya Sake Tasting SAKAYA 324 E. 9th Street (btwn 1st & 2nd Ave.) NYC 10003 212.505.7253 (SAKE)

Chicago: Sushi Samba Sushi & Sake 101

SUSHI & SAKE 101 SUSHISAMBA invites you to master the art of making maki and tasting sake Do you ginjo shu? Got nori know how? Learn the lingo at SUSHISAMBA’s SUSHI & SAKE 101 class! It’s the perfect gift for the home chef,…

Japan Trip 2010: Koyoido – Kyoto’s Cutest Sake Ceramics

The 21st Century is turning out to be kinda hectic so far, with everyone's Twitter, Facebook, RSS feeds and Flickr streams constantly demanding attention. However, the obvious upside to all this technology is that it allows people to connect with one another. This is exactly what happened to me when I met the adorable Ren and Rie, a couple who run what has to be the the cutest ceramics atelier in Kyoto: Koyoido.

Yonkers: Hinomaru Sake Pairing Dinner at X20 Restaurant

Peter Kelly welcomes HINOMARU Sunday Nov. 7th at X2O Yonkers save the date time: Sunday, November 7th 5:00--7:00pm place: X2O Restaurant Yonkers, NY event: Sake Pairing Dinner guest: Mr. Jouji Sato, President Hinomaru Brewery (1689) Sake:…

NYC: Autumn JIZAKE Night at Sakagura

Sakagura and Wine of Japan Present Autumn JIZAKE Night Friday, November 5th, 2010 6:30pm - 8:30pm On Friday, November 5th, Sakagura will play proud host to ELEVEN of the most distinguished breweries from Japan. We cordially welcome…

Japan Trip 2010: Sake Samurai Ceremony

On this trip to Japan, I returned to the Sake Samurai Ceremony in Kyoto to witness the 5th annual celebration of this great event. The purpose of Sake Samurai is to acknowledge select individuals, both inside and outside of Japan, who are working…

Honolulu: Autumn Hiyaoroshi at The Sake Shop

A TASTE OF AUTUMN It's Autumn! For most people around the world this means the seasons are changing, the temperature has begun to cool off and the leaves are starting to change color. Unfortunately in Hawaii there are only two seasons…

Japan Trip 2010: Matsuo, Home of the Sake Gods

I'm visiting Kyoto this year to attend the 2010 Sake Samurai Ceremony and was lucky enough to get a chance to visit the Matsuo Taisha (松尾大社). Founded in 701 A.D., it's an ancient Shinto shrine on the outskirts of Kyoto City…

Japan Trip 2010: Sake Restaurant Ishii

A trip to Tokyo wouldn't be complete for me without what I call a Sake Blogger Summit, which is complicated industry speak for a fun night out with my sake blogging friends Melinda of Tokyo through the Drinking Glass fame and Etsuko of Tokyo Foodcast.

NYC: Daishichi Sake Tasting Night at Sakagura

On Friday, October 15th, SAKAGURA will play proud host to the most distinguished brewery, Daishichi – Big Seven - Shuzo from Fukushima, Japan. Daishichi Brewery is well known in the U.S. and they have been strictly particular about traditional “kimoto” brewing.

Japan Trip 2010: Cup Sake Bar Buri

So you fly into Narita at 4pm on a Monday afternoon and what do you do? Well, if you're a 21st century sake blogger like me, why not meet up with a cyber-twitter-sake-blog-colleague and go on a cup sake adventure through Tokyo?! I first met Maki Osugi online when I discovered his wonderful cup sake blog bq69 collectibles. I liked his blog so much I asked him for an interview in 2009 that you can read here. Luckily for me Maki-san had lived in New York and spoke fluent English!

NYC: Autumn Akita Sake Tasting 2010

“The Eleventh Autumn Akita Sake Tasting Event” ASC was established in June 2006 to introduce AKITA Prefecture’s sake, food, and goods to the people in the NYC area. This Autumn, ASC is proud to announce “The Akita…

Chopsticks Interview October 2010

This month I had the honor of being interviewed alongside Kenichi Kuno by Chopsticks Magazine in the October issue on newstands now! October is sake month and Chopsticks asked us all kinds of questions about sake! What's my golden rule…

Hakkaisan Sake Restaurant Week September 2010

Hakkaisan Sake Brewery has been hosting a monthly "Hakkaisan Restaurant Week" which is a limited time each month when top NYC restaurants feature specials paired with Hakkaisan Sake. I wanted to explore this for myself and set out for 15…

NYC: Down To Moon Sake Tasting Sets at Sake Bar Decibel

Down To Moon Sake Tasting at Sake Bar Decibel Event: Down To Moon tasting flights with appetizers. Venue: Sake Bar Decibel Location: 240 E 9th Street (between Stuyvesant St & 2nd Ave), New York, NY 10003 Neighborhood: East Village Sake…

NYC: Niigata Sake Tasting Night at Sakagura

Sakagura cordially invites you to “Autumn Tengumai Night”! We will welcome Mr. Kazunari Shata, executive director of Shata Brewery from Ishikawa, Japan.

NYC: Tengumai Tasting Set at Robataya

We will welcome Mr. Kazunari Shata, executive director of Shata Brewery from Ishikawa, Japan.


Sakagura cordially invites you to “Autumn Tengumai Night”! We will welcome Mr. Kazunari Shata, executive director of Shata Brewery from Ishikawa, Japan.

NYC: Japanese Culinary Center Tengumai Sake Event

"TENGUMAI" was born in Ishikawa prefecture at the Shata Brewery in 1823. "TENGUMAI" literally means "Dancing Goblin". Long ago, the Kura (sake house) was surrounded by deep forest and the rustling of leaves sounded like what was interpreted…

Portland: Celebrate Sake Day!

Celebrate International Sake Day In Portland
October 1st, 2nd & 3rd

Seattle: Sake Nomi “Sake Day” Tasting menu

Saké Day" (Friday, October 1) Event Organizer's Description: "Saké Day" (Friday, October 1) Beginning Friday, and continuing throughout the weekend (while supplies last), we'll be celebrating Saké Day with a special tasting…