Back to Bozu

This sign means you've found the best sake in williamsburgWhen you’re a Manhattan-loving, Brooklyn-fearing snob like me, it’s not often that you get on the train and head off to Brooklyn for the whole day on purpose. However, I see now that Scott really knows what he’s doing. To entice me to go with him to a Brooklyn event, he promised me dinner -and sake- at Bozu afterwards. I’ve written about Bozu before, (and you can read about that trip here) but this time, it was just me and scott and a quiet evening just for the two of us.

Our Friendly server at BozuOur Bartender last January was this really nice and friendly guy — i’ve never seen anyone before or since pour sake with such self assurance. I mean, he held the bottle pretty far away from the tiny cup and was able to fill it exactly to the rim without spilling a drop.

This time, he wasn’t there, and our nice waitress wasn’t totally spot-on with her recommendations. I asked for advice/ direction from her on flavor profile for some of the sakes on the bozu menu. She said a few times when describing a sake to me that “It’s a sake lovers sake with real sake taste”. Hmmm. I’m not sure what that means, but I think maybe she means a stronger rice-y flavor? Well once we were seated at the bar and I had a chance to scour the sake menu, I found a nama i’d never had and scott went for a special tasting that was being offered.

Bozu Favorites Sake FlightScott’s tasing consisted of:

1) Tomoju Junmai Ginjo, Ibaraki Prefecture
2) Chiyomusubi Tokubetsu Junmai, Tottori Prefecture
3) Aoinikko Junmai, Tochigi Prefecture

The first of his sakes, the Tomoju, was the best. This sake rang clear as a bell and had a subtle flavor with just enough complexity to stand on it’s own. It was really well balanced and well, just plain yummy.

Scott’s second sake was the Chiyomusubi. I Enjoyed it, but it had a bit more of a sharp edge and bite. not a bad thing, mind you, but that should be something you’re looking for.

Lastly, Scott sampled the Aoinikko. THis sake disappointed my palate. Scott described it as brine-y. I would say it has a “strong rice flavor”. This sake was, of course drinkable, but not my favorite.

Ohtouka NamazakeI chose a 300 ML bottle of Ohtouka Namzake (Nariwa Ozeki Shuzo Co., ALC 13.5%). This Nama really came through in the clutch. It was just what the dr. ordered for this day. Being hot outside, I was looking for something refreshing, light and summery. This nama was gently perfumed and not too bold with a tinge of sweetness. I appreciated the restraint. it was very drinkable with food. Only drawback was I felt it lacked a little complexity and was just a little too “Maryann Singleton” for my tastes. The food was quite good on this nite and The Ohtouka Nama went well with it! As before, the atmostphere was comfortable and the food and sake were good.

I think I’ll venture “Back to Bozu” next time events lure me to Williamsburg. It’s a refreshing sake oasis in a sea of Brooklyn Lager.