Dassai “Summer Otter” Set at Sakagura

In early August, I made time to visit a special tasting night at Sakagura. Mr. Kazuhiro Sakurai, executive director of Dassai Brewery (Asahi Shuzo) and three young Kurabito (sake brewery workers) came to New York to offer a unique tasting set. The delicious three sakes that were carefully selected (including ones yet-to-be introduced to the New York market) for that night made up the “Natsu no Kawauso (Summer Otter) Sake Tasting Set”:

  • Dassai 39 Sparkling Nigori
  • Dassai 50 Junmai Daiginjo Nama (Draft)
  • Dassai 39 Junmai Daiginjo

The evening was a blast and nothing says summer to me like the delicious Dassai 50 Nama… It’s not available for sale in the USA, so I jump at the chance to try it anytime I can! Yukie-san, Sakagura manager and Chizuko-san of Sake Discoveries were on hand in yukata to ensure everyone enjoyed their Dassai. I know I did! thanks for this special event!

Dassai Tasting Set at Sakagura

Introducing Dassai Sake at Sakagura

Dassai Brewery Kurabito enjoy Sakagura along with Sakurai-san, Yukie-san and Chizuko-san!