Here is information on what to expect in class – we always have fun!

sake_flowchart_tim.jpgThe Elements of Saké is a fun, informative and tasty way to dive into the world of premium saké. We’ll walk you through every step of the saké production process to show you how master brewers go from rice and water to what the Japanese call “the drink of the gods.”

Next, we’ll demystify the various saké classifications to help you find the brews that fit your taste and your budget.

Finally, we’d never leave out the delicious saké tastings that will help you evaluate and enjoy the ever-increasing variety of sakés that are becoming available. Kanpai!

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  1. Timothy Sullivan avatar
    Timothy says:

    Robert-Gilles! Fascinating! I always learn from your posts and comments. Now, I don’t have the bigger picture by any stretch of the imagination, but I do know that the Sake Samurai group is working to promote sake outside of Japan. I think this is a noble endeavor no matter how you slice it, I think. Regardless of this, I’m happy to know I can count of Shizuoka sake breweries being around for the next 50 years. that makes me feel good!

    take care! and kanpai!

  2. Martineau Robert-Gilles avatar
    Robert-Gilles Martineau (ロベル。ジル) says:

    Dear Tim!
    The Members of the Shizuoka Brewers Association have refused to become Members of the Sake Samurai and other similarly-oriented groups for the simple reason they are confident they can sell without any firther advertizing as I was told stright in the face.
    Well, they can afford such an attitude as they put out only 0.64 % of the total national production. Moreover, Shizuoka jizake are simply extravagant. Less than 20% are “futsushu” and the latter are never made with rice milled down over 70%!
    What can you say?
    All I can do Is to make my favourite brands and brews known to as many people as possible.
    One more important detail, which might surprise US citizens. For all their rarity, “izakayas” and restaurants and even bars (I konow at least one specialized) do make a great effort to propose as many Shizuoka sake in their menu.
    One more unknown reason is that Shizuoka Brewers wish to cut bridges with the big breweries in Nada, Kyoto and so on, and forget all about the “okegai” era (when the big breweries commandeered their sake to be brewed with their own). The number of breweries in Shizuoka has fallen from 56 in 1976 to 29 presently. The remaining ones are the ones which cut bridges 30 years ago. The other did not survive for want of quality. Breweries are disappearing all over Japan, but most of the Shizuoka ones will stull be there in 50 years’ time, unless the government changes its policy not to give new licenses.

  3. Martineau Robert-Gilles avatar
    Robert-Gilles Martineau (ロベル。ジル) says:

    Dear Tim!
    I have done my homework!
    The reasons why Kagoshima and Okinawa are not members are pretty strighforward: Kagoshima does not have any sake brewery while Okinawa has only one.
    Now, Shizuoka is not a Member simply because they have refused to be!
    Well, I supose the old geezer will never become a Samurai!
    No problem, I will carry my saber and banner by myself! LOL
    Cheers, sante, kanpai!

  4. Martineau Robert-Gilles avatar
    Robert-Gilles Martineau (ロベル。ジル) says:

    Dear Tim!
    Great work as usual!
    I have a little question: I noticed Shizuoka is not a Member of the Sake Samurai Program.
    Do you know why?
    Is there a way I can help remedy that? I do have the ears of the Shizuoka Brewers Association. They asked me to make the Kampai Speech at the next big Sake Function in Yaizu City on June 5th organized by 6 breweries in front of 350 people. Hopefully John will be there, too.
    Looking forward to reading you soon!

  5. Melinda
    Melinda says:

    You are the cutest sake teacher that I know, and you can tell John I said so. I wish I could join you for one of these classes; they sound like so much fun!

    BTW, got your first newsletter the other day. Very nice!

    Talk soon.
    Mel x

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