Great Landmark recommendation!

I picked up this yummy Daiginjo at a Landmark sake tasting. After my Gekkeikan disaster yesterday, I was looking forward to restore my faith in saké again. I kinda had an ace in my pocket as I brought home a bottle of Kirin Koshihikari junmai Dai-ginjo on my trip to syracuse to enjoy over the holiday weekend. I knew I didn’t want to go without some truly great stuff while I was home with my family and definitely needed something to sooth some frayed nerves. I tried this sake at the landmark wine store’s tasting back on Nov. 11th. So, I’d had this before and knew it would be great. he he. I bought this Daiginjo for a 10% discount and stuck it in the back of my fridge for a rainy day. Well that day is here, but it’s a snowy day instead. Kirin Koshihikari really came through for me. the taste was crisp, not overly clean, but smooth enough to fully restore my faith in all things Dai-Ginjo.

As a social experimient, I have a tasting of the Kirin Koshihikari to my younger sister, who rarely drinks anything. My brother in law equivilant who also rarely drinks anything. And I gave a glass to my older sister who enjoys her margaritas. Youngest sister’s quote was a keeper, which I will paraphrase here… “um, this is just all the taste of everything I hate about the alcohol in wine without the wine flavor.” Her tasting Technique was unorthodox as well. she just kinda stuck her toungue in the sake without really sipping it. (don’t worry, I drank every last drop of here tasting sample.) Brother in law equivilant drank his sample like man, but I don’t think I turned him into a saké appreciator. My older sis really enjoyed her glass of Dai-ginjo but switched to wine for the rest of the evening. ok – fine. more for me!! I was a little suprised that the super smooth boombastic taste of this daigingo didn’t convert my whole family to saké worshipers. That got me thinking. what kind of personality really would enjoy what Saké has to offer. I think if you eat and enjoy fringe foods of the american diet… for example – sushi – you are a prime candidate for Saké worship.

This Sake gets a great rating for coming thru in the clutch.
I give Kirin Koshihikari 4.5 out of 5 saké bottles
[rate 4.5]