Hakkaisan Tanabata Celebration at Sakagura

Junmai Ginjo

I was invited to help introduce and pour Hakkaisan sake at a special event at Sakagura restaurant celebrating the festival of “Tanabata”.

Tanabata Matsuri is known as the “Japanese Star Festival” and is usually held on the 7th day of the 7th month of the year. The festival commemorates two star-crossed lovers Orihime and Hikoboshi who could not be together on earth, but come together once a year in the heavens as stars. During this festival, people often write their wishes and hopes onto strips of paper that then get hung on bamboo branches.

It’s very common in Japan to wear a light summer kimono or yukata to a summer festival party, so I got a triple 3L size one online to get in the spirit. The yukata covers you from neck to ankle and wrist to wrist, but the fabric is SO light that it feels really comfortable!

The sakes provided by Hakkaisan and the food provided by Sakagura were all fantastic. Sakes that were served included:

In addition to these great sakes, Mr. Nagumo also provided a sake not for sale in the U.S. We’re talking about Hakkaisan Junmai Daiginjo… this is a very special sake with a milling rate of 35% remaining! The body is velvety and beyond smooth. You can tell this sake was labored over and is really something special. Everybody got a taste and everyone I spoke to was generally floored by the fantastic taste and supple body. One of the best sakes out here for sure… What a treat to have tried it right here in New York! Special thanks to Mr. Nagumo and Ms. Kurosawa for bringing this special treat to us here in New York! I loved it.

Sakagura provided delicious food and wonderful service to round out the evening and make for a spectacular event! Next chance you get be sure to get to Sakagura… and where you’re there – please try Hakkaian Sake!

Here I am with Ms. Kursosawa from Hakkaisan (left), Chizuko Niikawa of Sake Discoveries (center) and Mr. Jiro Nagumo (right), President of Hakkaisan Sake Brewery

Guests Talking with Mr. Nagumo and Chizuko

Guest enjoying Hakkaisan and Sakagura for Tanabata festival

Very rare and special Hakkaisan Jumai Daiginjo! Delicious!!

Hakkaisan Tasting Set was a hit at Sakagura!

Wishes written on strips of paper and attached to bamboo branches is a Tanabata Festvial tradition!