JFC Sake Expo 2010

I recently attended the JFC Sake Expo in Manhattan. This is a trade event that introduces sakes imported by the sake importing company JFC.

For me, it’s a great chance to get up close and personal with some of the great sakes brought to the States. Here’s a sampling of what I tasted at this event and you can also check out the Gallery below to see some pictures of the JFC Sake Expo 2010!

Ippongi Brewery
Brand: Denshin
This is a vibrant brand from beautiful Fukui Prefecture on the Sea of Japan. Represented by Ippongi Brewery Vice President Mr. Kakutaro Kubo, the sakes a fresh, lively and have some of the most stunning branding and labels I’ve seen.
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Daishichi Sake Brewery
Brand: Daishichi
Mr. Ad Blankenstjn was the brewery representative on hand for Daishichi – which is the Brewery famous for their strict adherence to the kimoto Brewing method and their special flat rice polishing.
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Miyazaki Sake Brewery
Brand: Miyanoyuki
Rena Miyazaki introduces her family’s Miyanoyuki brand. They make both junmai and honjozo styles that are hearty and robust and go well with food.
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Akira Sake
Brand: Akira
From beautiful Kanazawa, this is a new organic sake that is headed to our shores soon! I visited this Kanazawa last march and I can tell you this sake is fantastic and made from 100% organic, delicious local rice. Mr. Sugano was introducing Akira to many New Yorkers!

Aiyu Sake Brewery
Brand: Tomoju
Michiko Kanehira is the president of Aiyu which makes the lovely Tomoju brand. I tasted her new and delicious Umeshu (plum sake) that is coming soon to the U.S.!
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Chiyomusubi Sake Brewery
Brand: Chiyomusubi
President Haruo Okasora introduced his yummy Chiyomusubi sakes. This brand is a leader in exporting premium cup sakes which have a special place in my heart! Try them!
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Check out the gallery below for even more brands I tasted at this JFC event: