John Gauntner’s Ebook: Sake’s Hidden Stories

Sake's Hidden StoriesI recently downloaded John Gauntner’s new ebook “Sake’s Hidden Stories“. John is world famous as “the sake guy” and if anyone has the insight to find the behind the scenes scoop on the reclusive sake world, he does.

This ebook was a great read and if your interested in learning more, not only about sake, but also about the people who make it, you’ll enjoy it too.

If you’re worried about not knowing some of the brands and breweries that John features in his book, there are many that import to the US, and frankly it’s fun to learn from John about some of the breweries less familiar to us here in the US. It’s a reminder of how deep the sake world runs in Japan. We just get the tip of the iceberg here.

Some of the Fantastic breweries featured in John’s ebook that you may know are:

  • Dassai in Yamaguchi
  • Nanbu Bijin in Iwate
  • Daishichi in Fukushima
  • Yuki no Bosha in Akita
  • Tama no Hikari in Kyoto
  • Shichihonyari in Shiga
  • Mukune in Osaka

Topics in the book range from brewing technology to sake traditions; from sake rice to toji temperament and so much more. Every story has a unique spin. I also wanted to mention that John includes some great pictures, too. They really bring the vignettes to life!

If you want to buy John Gaunter’s Sake’s Hidden Stories for yourself, I highly recommend it! You’ll be approaching some of your favorite sakes from a whole new perspective! Special thanks to John for writing this book in the first place – for those of us interested in sake, information about the subject is relatively scarce in English. This is a great addition to the currently available sake literature.

Click here to buy Sake’s Hidden Stories. Kanpai!