Mutual Trading Restaurant Show 2010

The New York Mutual Restaurant show is a yearly ‘to the trade’ event that showcases the best in food, restaurant supplies… and SAKE! This year was awesome and I got to taste some of the best sake that New York Mutual has to offer. One trend I saw emerging was some breweries serving sake warm which i really enjoyed. I also tasted a delicious Junmai Genshu at the Hakkaisan Booth – this sake is not yet imported, but had a wonderful aroma and that characteristic Hakkaisan clarity! What a treat! Besides Hakkaisan, there were many wonderful sakes from some very famous brands: Dassai, Born, Tengumai, Kubota, Kikusui, Take no Tsuyu, Nanbu Bijin, Tamanohikari, Rihaku and many others! Phew!

I also attended a lecture by New York Mutual’s resident sake educator George Kao. He led us through a great exploration of sake with some amazing slides and video clips from his time working at Kikusui sake brewery in Niigata.

Check out the Gallery below for pictures and additional comments from this wonderful afternoon spent with Mutual Sakes!