Nanbu Bijin Sake and Moyashimon at JCC

Japanese Culinary Center and Nanbu Bijin Brewery recently co-sponsored an event celebrating Nanbu Bijin’s role in Moyashimon. Have you ever heard of the Japanese Manga Moyashimon (aka “Tales of Agriculture”)? It’s a fun story about a young student at a Japanese Agriculture university who has the unique ability to see and communicate with bacteria, koji and microbes! Check out this quick video from to view a quick peek of the cute Moyashimon critters:

Mr. Kosuke Kuji is the Fifth Generation brewer of Nanbu Bijin Brewery and a special guest professor at Tokyo Agricultural University lectured on this event. Recently he has been involved in creating Moyashimon.

Using an inspiring lecture with moment by moment translation by George Kao of Mutual Trading Kuji-sensei explained the ins and outs of sake making using Koji and also fielded questions from the audience about all things sake. We also tasted four exquisite sakes from Nanbu Bijin including Nanbu Bijin Tokubetsu Junmai, Daiginjo, no-added sugar Umeshu and their special All Koji sake. It was an honor to listen to Kuji-sensei’s sake lecture without have to travel to Tokyo Agricultural University to hear it! An awesome event!

With George-san (left) and Kuji-sensei (center)
photo © Kumi Hayase

Nanbu Bijin Sakes Served at this tasting! Delicious!
photo © Kumi Hayase