New Sake Iphone App!

Sake App!

Sake App!

Our friend Michael over at has done what SO many tech savvy sake fans have been clamoring for! A sake Iphone app! This is the kind of thing that I always said, I wish I knew how to do that! Luck for us, Michael does and he has coded a pretty super sake Iphone app.

Click Here (will open Itunes) to view and download the app! The first version of the sake app has been released and features some pretty cool features:

  • Notes: record detailed tasting notes on the sakes you are tasting.
  • Photos: Take a snap shot of the sake labels or choose one from your existing photo library
  • Social: Share your favorite sakes with the world with twitter integration.
  • Ratings: rate each sake and compare them with your friends!
  • Favorites: Keep a list of your favorite sakes for easy reference.
  • Email: Email sake notes, including the label photo

If you’re a a sake-drinkin’ Iphone owner, check it out and give it a try! It’s a must have for sake fans!