NYC: Autumn JIZAKE Night at Sakagura


Sakagura and Wine of Japan Present
Autumn JIZAKE Night
Friday, November 5th, 2010 6:30pm – 8:30pm

On Friday, November 5th, Sakagura will play proud host to ELEVEN of the most distinguished breweries from Japan. We cordially welcome you to much-anticipated Autumn JIZAKE night at Sakagura!

The twenty sakes that have been carefully selected for this event. In addition, in a joint effort with executive chef, Mr. Yasuhiro Honma, seasonal finger foods will be featured for paring sakes.
We hope you will join us in tasting some of the best sakes with eleven Kuramotos (sake brewers)!

Sake Tasting & Appetizers:
$40 per person (includes tax and tip)

Tenzan Shuzo from Saga – Mr. Kensuke Shichida, President
-Jizake Tenzan
-Juntenzan Silver Junmai

Toshimori Shuzo from Okayama – Mr. Hiromitsu Toshimori, Executive Director
-Sake Hitosuji Junmai Daiginjo
-Sake Hitosuji Jun-Umeshu

Doi Shuzo from Shizuoka – Mr. Yaichi Doi, Executive Director
-Kaiun JunmaiGinjo

Akita Homare Shuzo from Akita – Mr. Haruo Inomata, President
-Akita Homare Junmai Daiginjo
-Akita Homare Tokubetsu Junmai

Kitaya Shuzo from Fukuoka- Mr. Kotaro Kinoshita, President
-Kitaya Junmai
-Kitaya Kansansui Junmai Daiginjo
-Kitaya Kansansui Kasumi-sake Daiginjo

Miwa Shuzo from Gifu – Mr. Kenji Miwa, Executive Director
-Shirakawago Nigori

Bunraku Shuzo from Saitama – Ms. Mayuko Kitanishi, Owner Family Member
-Bunraku Dress Bottle
-Buraku Kinmai-shu

Tenryo Shuzo from Gifu – Ms. Natsuko Uenoda, Owner Family Member
-Tenryo Hidahomare Junmai Ginjo
-Tenryo Koshu Junmai Daiginjo

Zuisen Shuzo from Okinawa
-Zuisen Awamori

Sanwa Shurui from Oita
-Iichiko (shochu) Kurobin
-Iichiko Flask

Konishi Shuzo from Hyogo
-Sesshu Otokoyama Junmai Daiginjo
-Shirayuki Fresh Nama-sake

Nihon Shurui Hanbai CO., LTD.

Yasai Chips –Lightly Fried Thinly Sliced Vegetable Sprinkled with Salt
Fresh Oyster Served with Ponzu Sauce
Buta no Karaage –Lightly Fried Chunk of Pork Marinated in Curry Flavored Soy Sauce
Nianago no Iimushi – Cooked Rice Ball Topped with Simmered Sea Eel

RSVP Hotline : 212-953-SAKE (7253)
This event is limited to 40 guests; prompt RSVPs are highly recommended.
A credit Card Number is needed to process the RSVP. (24-hour cancelation policy) Please note that this event is buffet (stand-up) style. Tables and chairs are not available.

NEW YORK, NY 10017
(bet 2nd and 3rd Avenue)
212-953-SAKE (7253)