NYC: Bacchus Wines Sake & Sushi Event

bacchus.jpgSake and Sushi!

So we all know that sake is a Japanese alcoholic beverage made from rice, but have you ever wanted to know more? Unanswered questions like “when should sake be served cold?” and “how can I decipher all the different varieties?”, can be answered! Just like it takes a special kind of grape to make an excellent wine, producing great Sake requires a special kind of rice. Enjoy and learn about an assortment of different sakes with knowledgeable teachers. Fun for the sake novice and connoisseur alike! Guests will also be able to sample a wonderful spread of fresh sushi, sake’s most trusted food pairing (brought to you by Indiana Catering,
Cost: $20 (plus tax) *
Each participant will receive a beautiful Riedel Crystal glass from which to taste and take home at the end of the evening.
*Payment covers the cost of Riedel glassware and printed materials.

To sign up go to:

Bacchus Wines
2056 Broadway
New York, NY 10023
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 212.875.1200