NYC: Elements of Sake Class II: Pairing Sake and Food

tim_photo.jpg Elements of Sake Class II: Pairing Sake and Food!

Please join me!! I am teaching a sake class at the Astor center called the “Elements of Sake II: Pairing Sake and Food.” The perfect follow-up to The Elements of Saké or an ideal choice for any saké enthusiast eager to broaden their horizons! In Part II, we’ll deepen our exploration into this ancient brew. We will discover the wild side of saké by tasting bold Kimoto and Yamahai styles (made using yeast starters), as well as some sweet and delightful Sparkling sakés, and rich and decadent aged sakés. Furthermore, we’ll begin to explore the theories behind sake and food pairings by sampling some dishes made specifically to compliment our saké. Join us for an in depth look at Nihonshu to take your understanding of saké to the next level.

This class takes place at Astor Center. Tickets required. Cost $95

Please visit the website to Register for this class

399 Lafayette St. NY, NY 10003 (At East 4th Street) PHONE: (212) 674-7501