Friday, May 6th, 2011
7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Sakagura cordially invites you to “FUKUCHO NIGHT”!

Miho Imada

Fukucho brewery ( was founded in the first year of the Meiji Restoration, 1868, in Akitsu in Hiroshima Prefecture. Akitsu has the oldest sake-brewing history in Hiroshima, stretching back 400 years. Akitsu, which faces the Inland Sea and has a population of about 13,000 people, once had 17 sake breweries, but now there are only three. Hiroshima, however, is still one of the most significant sake-brewing regions in Japan, and is consistently among the top six prefectures nationwide in terms of annual sake production. Historically, the prefecture has always won many awards for its sake, and on occasion has even swept the top three awards in the country. The sake we brew here at Imada Shuzo, called Fukucho, is very representative of this great Hiroshima style.

Ms. Miho Imada, above is one of only 20 woman brewers in Japan, she began her career in the brewery more than 15 years ago and became a toji (master) brewer five years ago. She is now working intensely hard to do what few women have ever had a chance to do — take over a sake brewery. We will welcome Miho san and Ms. Kaoru Ishiguro from Sake Export Association for that special night.

The three sakes that have been carefully selected (including one yet-to-be introduced to the New York market) are:

“Fukucho Tasting Set”
$13.00 (3 kinds/50 ml each)
Fukucho Suigetsu “Moon on the Water” Junmai Ginjo
Fukucho Biho Junmai Ginjo Nama (unpasteurized)
Miho san’s Selected Special Sake

Also, Fukucho Brewery’s original gift is being planned for guests who order “Fukucho Tasting Set”!

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