NYC: Sakagura Ohanami Tasting

SAKAGURA presents The annual “OHANAMI” Sake Tasting Event 2008.
Sakagura is very excited to announce the arrival of our anticipated Sake Tasting Event in 2008. The tasting event will feature over 50 selections include newly arrived sakes that are yet to be  introduced in the New York market carefully chosen from sake masters who have been taking  an active part in the Japanese sake industry in the U.S. market.

It would take a life time consume all the different varieties of sake available, but we believe these selections will open up new regions of the palette for tasters.
Sakagura will be decorated with fresh real cherry blossoms.
We welcome you to join us and let us “KANPAI” under sakura trees!

*Please note that there will be a BUFFET STYLE SAKE TASTING.


Schedule:        Monday,  April 21st
1st Round       18:15 pm – 20:15pm
2ndRound      21:00 pm – 23:00pm

Admission:      $75 per person (sake tasting fee, food, tax, and gratuity included)

Guests:            140 guests limited    *Prompt RSVPs are recommended.

RSVP Hotline:  212-953-SAKE (7253)
Credit card number is required to process the reservation.
(48-hour Cancellation policy)

We will be taking reservations starting 4/4 (Friday) through 4/17 (Thursday).
Reservations will be standing by Monday through Friday after 3pm and
Saturday and Sunday after 5pm to 7pm.

211 East 43rd Street B1F
New York, NY 10017 <>