NYC: Sake Hana $20 Tasting

Sake Hana presents our Spring Sake Tasting. This special event is only $20.00 for our SAKE HANA CUSTOMERS! Come and sample 14 kinds of sakes,drink and meet the brewers, here all the way from Japan. This is your opportunity to learn more about Sakedirectly from the brewmasters and have a nice early evening tasting to get your Saturday night going! Here are the event details:

*Saturday,April 5th
*Sake Hana(78th st. between 2nd & 3rd)
*from 6pm-8pm only
*$20(purchased before April 1st)
$35(after April 2nd)
**This price doesn’t include tax
*Make reservations at [email protected] or Call 646-498-4224

Sakes being presented:

1. Mukune, Root of Innocence
2. Mukune, Shadows of Katano
3. Tozai, Well of Wisdom
4. Tozai, Voices in the Mist
5. Chiyonosono, Sacred Power
6. Chiyonosono, Garden of Eternity
7. Kanbara, Bride of the Fox
8. Kanbara, Wings of Fortune
9. Rihaku, Wandering Poet
10.Rihaku, Dreamy Clouds
11.Tentaka, Hawk in the Heaven’s
12.Tentaka, Silent Stream
13.Takasago, Divine Droplets
14.Takasago, Morning Glow