NYC: Sake Tasting at Big Tree Bottles

Sake Tasting (Free)
Big Tree Bottles
43 Bogart street (L to Morgan Ave)
Stop by anytime between 6-9pm

Oni no Shitaburui
Sanin, Tottori
Honjozo • Dry & Smooth

Light and smooth, this sake has a pleasant mineral taste. Subtle notes of grass and dusty earth with a long and lingering finish. A dry sake that is a perfect match for seafood.

Chubu, Yamanashi

Slight aromas of steamed rice and lychee fruit with well rounded velvety flavors of fresh cream. A light and sweet honjozo with great smoothness. Brewed from “Gozensui” spring water it’s known for “good taste, richness and beautiful fragrance”. Serve this sake warm or cold. Suggested serving at 100 degrees and below.

Plus Suishin Junmai Ginjo, Hana-Kohaku Plum Sake, and Kimoto Classic Junmai!