Sake 101 at The International Restaurant Show

In March the International Restaurant Show was held at the Javitz Center. This year a large Japanese pavilion was featured and I was lucky to be asked to speak at the event. I held a Sake 101 lecture and spoke alongside Monica Samuels and Yukari Sakamoto.

This was a fun event and I was really pleased to see so many sake brewers in attendance. I love introducing folks to sake and this was a great opportunity to do so!

Welcome to the restaurant show. Photo by Noriyuki Kuroda

Teaching Sake 101 at the International Restaurant Show at the Javitz. Photo by Noriyuki Kuroda

Sake! Sake! Sake! Crowd goes wild at the Javitz. Photo by Noriyuki Kuroda

with Yukari Sakamoto and Monica Samuels. Photo by Noriyuki Kuroda

Born's Kato-san introduces his sakes

Fukuda-san pours Murai Family Nigori Genshu