Sake 101 for Anime Fans

room_1.jpgI had the distinct pleasure of giving a sake 101 lecture again this year at the New York Anime Festival. Faithful readers of UrbanSake.com will remember my big adventure last year at this event, where I was totally unprepared for the raucous crowds and energetic anime crowds. Well, all I can say is that this year I am older and wiser about anime!

tim_1.jpgThis year, I knew much better what to expect and even got into the cosplay spirit by wearing a real japanese mens’ kimono for the event. Figuring out men’s kimono was an education in and of itself but well worth the effort! This lecture consisted of my “Sake 101” talk which included sake ingredients, Sake production process and sake classifications. Since there are a lot of visitors from out of town for the anime festival, I also always include my recommendations for where to visit for all things sake in NYC!

This was a fun event! It was really fun to meet all the anime folks interested in Sake and to see all the crazy kids running around! to see more pics, check out the photos on flickr here!