Sake Bar Satsko

Friendly Sake FolksAnother fun Sake meetup! this time at Sake Bar Satsko for a Sake Bar Brunch. Satsko herself was very warm and friendly and I think everyone felt very welcomed. The food was really good – you could get your entree made with either Japanese style sides or american style sides. I was too afraid of what american sides might be (doughnuts? super sized fries? butter flavor crisco?) so of course, I went with Japanese – and I’m glad I did. The warmup to brunch was simply tofu with a great miso ginger dressing. Brunch came with the option of a sake cocktail, but I asked for sake straight up and Satsko was happy to oblige.

Ceramic MasuThe sake was a junmai, quite drinkable with brunch and served in a really cool ceramic masu. Scott gave me the rest of his so I got 1.5 masu! I was tempted to order more sake, but decided to simply enjoy in moderation and it was really nice. All the other Sake meetup folks are really great people. everyone was very nice and very friendly. I think Sake as the ability to bring that out in everyone. sake magic.

I took a peek at the regular sake list and it’s pretty extensive. This place is worth another trip for sure! When brunch was winding down satsko was chatting with us and inviting us back to sample the sake tastings on Tues. nights. I’ll be there!

Sake List goes on and on...I’m also looking forward to the next sake meetup event. Hope to someday taste the sake Jeff made in his kitchen. I bet it’s gonna be a Nigori. oh boy, scott’s favorite.