Sake Bars Featured in the New York Times

Compared to the coverage wine and beer get in the mainstream media, sake coverage often trails far behind. Every once in a while, though, sake gets its moment to shine. According to headquarter’s scientific calculations, sake mentions in the media are on a permanent upswing.

Case in point is the latest travel feature in the New York Times featuring a listing of sake bars of New York. In an article entitled “You Can Have Your Rice and Drink It, Too“, Reporter Seth Kugel outlines the sakes bars of note in the Big Apple. He features such hotspots and Sakagura, Decibel, Kasadela and Satsko’s. Now, if you’re a veteran NYC sake hound like myself, this is far from earth shattering news, however, for folks just getting into the Gotham sake scene, Seth’s recommendations are spot on. You could say they are all “required drinking” for first year students majoring in NYC Sake Studies.

I’m most happy that Seth didn’t divulge one of my very favorite hidden sake bar gems: Sake Bar Hagi’s!! That place is crowded enough. I guess I just divulged my favorite hidden sake bar gem… but that’s just between us, ok?

After you read the Times article and you want to kick it up a notch and discover more about sake in New York, check out our Interactive Sake Guide to New York City. With a little hard work and lots of field study research, you’ll be at the head of the New York City Sake class in no time.