Sake FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Below you can review a list of the questions I get asked most frequently. If you don’t find your questions addressed here, please feel free to contact me.

1) Should sake be served hot or chilled?
Sake can be served both gently warmed or chilled. It really depends on the type. If you have an elegant Daiginjo, warming may erase any subtle aromas and complexities. However, a hearty junmai may open up with warming.

2) Once I open a bottle of sake, how long will it last?
You should consume sake as quickly as possible after opening. If it is kept sealed and in the refrigerator, it will not spoil and can be consumed for several weeks, however, the flavors will soften considerably.

3) Is sake meant to be aged like wine?
No, almost all sake is meant to be consumed young and fresh. Only a certain type of sake called Koshu is aged.

4) Is sake a distilled beverage like vodka?
No, sake is a brewed beverage. Alcohol percentages range between 14%-20%.

5) How should I store my sake?
I recommend that sake be stored in the refrigerator. This keeps sake out of the light and away from heat. Any unpasteurized sake must be kept refrigerated at all times

6) Is sake only made in Japan?
No, sake is made in several countries such as Austrailia and the United States. However, the best premium sake still comes only from Japan.