Seattle: Masumi at Sake Nomi

sakenomi.gifWednesday, June 11 we are pleased to once again welcome Mr. Keith Norum from Nagano’s Miyasaka Brewing Co. for a special open house-style tasting event featuring Masumi brand sake.

Miyasaka Brewing Co. produces Masumi Karakuchi Ki-Ippon “Mirror of Truth,” (a Sake Nomi favorite we featured on our very first glass pour menu!), as well as Masumi Sanka, “Mountain Flowers,” an exquisite junmai daiginjo.

Keith is the head of Miyasaka Brewing’s Overseas Operations, and he first visited Sake Nomi back in September. As during his previous visit, in addition to pouring some of his brewery’s special sakenot yet available in the U.S., Keith will be able to share his insights regarding developments in the Japanese sake industry and sake-related trends in other parts of the world.

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