Seattle: Sake Nomi Cinema – Love and Honor

sakenomi.gifSaké Nomi Cinema:
“Love and Honor” (2006, dir. Yoji Yamada)

Saké Nomi Cinema wraps up its serial screening of director Yoji Yamada’s “samurai trilogy” with a special screening of “Love and Honor” this Sunday, August 3 @ 5 p.m.

Former boy band pop idol/heartthrob Takuya Kimura stars as a low-level samurai whose job as “food taster” for a feudal lord (I defy any of you nomidachi to say you have a worse job!) leaves him blind and without hope to support himself and his beautiful wife. After becoming sightless, Kimu-taku discovers his wife has been taken advantage of by another samurai and vows revenge.

“Love and Honor” was recently screened at the Seattle International Film Festival, and definitely meets our stringent standards for being “a good movie to drink saké to.” (In Japanese, with very interesting English subtitles.)

Please join us for the final installment of this amazing series!

Sake Nomi
76 South Washington Street
Seattle, Washington 98104
Tel: 206-467-SAKE