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Saké Nomi in the Funny Papers
Kurodo Publication
Anime & Manga Event

A couple months back, we got quite a shock (and, a bit of a thrill) when friends in Japan informed us we were featured in the manga magazine (great potential band name?), Big Comic Original.

‘Seems our artist friend Akira Oze slipped us into his most recent saké-related series, Kurodo.

Kurodo focuses on the fictional (mis-)adventures of Seattle native Claude Buttermaker, in his quest to become a master saké brewer in Japan’s Shimane prefecture.

In the 10th and final volume of the series, Claude heads back to Seattle to visit his ailing, estranged father, and when he’s in town, he stops by his favorite saké shop for some drinks with his old nomidachi.

We just received an autographed copy from Ozei-sensei, and we’d like to share the surreal experience with our friends.

Please join us Sunday, Oct. 25 from 2 to 6 p.m. to sample some Shimane brews and browse through Kurodo and Ozei-sensei’s other famous series, Natsuko’s Saké.

We’ll have some anime on in the background, and we could easily be convinced to replay The Simpsons and South Park Japan-related episodes, if you’re that way inclined.

76 South Washington Street,
Seattle, Washington 98104
Tel: 206-467-SAKE