The Truth Will Set You Free: True Sake

I go on and on all the time about how lucky I am to live in new york… and how amazing all the NYC sake bars are… and how the Liquor stores in the Big Apple have such a great selection of sake… and did I mention how lucky I am to live in New York?

true sake interiorHowever, as Pee-Wee Herman once said, everyone’s got a big “BUT”. In my case, New York is great, BUT the one thing we don’t have? True Sake, of course.

For those Sake fans among you who are infrequent travelers like myself, you may not be aware of True Sake in San Francisco. Well, let me spread the good word! This well designed shop is America’s first store dedicated exclusively to selling sake. The store is owned by Beau Timken, one of the premier sake Gurus in the States. true sake shelfHe’s a passionate advocate for Sake appreciation and obviously works hard at helping educate consumers in the U.S. to the sheer joy of Nihon-shu. Right ON!!

Now, I’ve never been to True Sake, but it would, of course, be a “must see” destination on my next trip to San Francisco.

In the meantime, I really enjoy getting True Sake’s monthly Newsletter. You can sign up for the newsletter on the True Sake website. As a self professed sake geek, I look forward to mine every month. It’s well written and really informative. As a matter of fact, I’m now an active “bottle sniffer” as a result of reading the newsletter! He introduces new sake imports, does interviews with sake personalities and answers reader’s questions.

Sake: A Modern GuideMr. Timken has also written a book, the recently published “Sake, A Modern Guide“. I highly recommend it as a great addition to the handful of books available in English on the topic of sake. It offers a great overview of Nihon-shu, up to and including sak-tails. For those that think Sake Cocktails are controversial, I hope this is an eye opener. Sake is meant to be enjoyed and appreciated and enjoyed some more. From all I’ve read, that seems to be the main message of the book and from this Sake oasis in San Francisco: try some sake and then try some more. find out for yourself what you like and don’t like. Drink the brands and style that taste best to you. It’s all about finding what works for you and enjoying it. So True!

True Sake
560 Hayes Street
San Francisco, CA 94102