Top 5 Sakes for Valentine’s Day!

Let's Make Some Sake Magic

Let's Make Some Sake Magic

I’ll let you in on a little secret, if you’re looking for something to make your Valentine’s Day spark, look no further than Sake. If you are trying to capture the heart of someone new or impress your current love, you’ll be surprised by what a little Nihon-shu can do!

Let’s face it, sake is sexy, exotic and intoxicating! However, not all brews are a perfect fit for Cupid. Not sure what to choose? If you want to tap into that “Sake Magic” on February 14th, here is my list of the Top 5 sakes that are perfect for Valentine’s Day.

kudoki-jozuKudoki Jozu Junmai Ginjo
I’ve heard it translated many ways, but the name of this sake, Kudoki Jozu, means “Good at Flirting”, “Lover Boy”, or “The Pick Up Artist”…. you get the idea. This uber-delicious sake is custom made for romance.

Kudoki Jozu is well balanced, light and ripe with yummy fruit flavors on the palate. It’s lovingly hand crafted by the Imai Family in Yamagata prefecture. You’ll be hard pressed to find an easier drinking or more romantic sake this February. Enjoy it with your favorite Pick Up Artist!

yukinobosha-nigori1Yuki no Bosha Nigori
Nigori sakes are all about texture. If done right, they can be creamy, dreamy and velvety smooth on the palate. Also, nigoris stand out from the crowd. Pour an exotic looking milky white Nigori for your loved one and become master of your sake domain. People will be impressed.

One of my favorite Nigori sakes is the Yuki No Bosha. The texture in this winning nigori is whisper light and not overpowering. Yuki No Bosha translates as “Cabin in the Snow”, which is exactly where you’ll want to find your self together with this sake and your valentine.

ichinokura_himezenIchinokura Himezen Junmai
Do you have a real Princess on your hands every Valentine’s Day? You know, someone wanting, no, expecting you to arrange the perfect evening? There is only one sake that will do for those finicky valentines out there. I recommend Ichinokura’s Himezen or “Princess”.

Sweet and low in alcohol, this crisp and slightly fruity sake is a great refreshing starter before that romantic dinner. It comes in a beautiful 500ML bottle which is the perfect size to share for two, and just enough to bring a blush to their cheek.

chikurin_hanahouhoushuChikurin Hana Hou Hou Shu Sparkling Junmai
Think of Feb 14th, and you can’t help but Think Pink! However, don’t give a dozen pink roses for Valentine’s Day again this year! Update that tired old standby with a modern twist by bringing your beloved a bottle of Chikurin Hana Hou Hou Shu instead.

You see, this sparkling low alcohol junmai sake is infused with rose petal and hibiscus! Light and refreshing on the palate, this is an immensely popular sake in the USA. Guaranteed to tickle your nose and infuse some romance.

kagatobi_junmai_daiginjoKagatobi “Ai” Junmai Daiginjo
We can’t leave a list of romantic sakes without at least one Junmai Daiginjo! I’ve selected Kagatobi “Ai” junmai Daiginjo. In Japanese “Ai” means “Love”, so this is a prefect super premium bottle to share with the love of your life.

It doesn’t hurt that this sake is smooth on the palate and that the finish gently lingers, evocative of the soft essence of tropical fruit. The taste is a testament to how well crafted this sake is. A smooth sake for a real smooth operator…like you!

Wherever your Valentine’s Day plans take you, adding some sake to the evening can take you there in style. Sharing the experience of drinking a luscious sake together is a wonderful way to connect with your loved one this February 14th. So, go ahead… bring a little “Sake Magic” to your night, but be warned, it only takes a sip to fall in love forever.