chicken_marks_the_spot.jpgIt’s no big secret that Yakatori is (happily for me) taking the world by storm. The latest outpost in the Big Apple is Torys (248 E 52nd st. 2nd Floor; 212-813-1800).

This place was opened by the folks that run the amazing Yakatori Totto (251 W 55th St; 866-333-8047). Totto is perhaps my very favorite restaurant in NYC. I was excited to read about Torys and perhaps learn about a new spin on some delicious meat on a stick.

kubota hekiju bottle But first, the Sake. I ordered the Kubota Hekiju. (Asahi Sake Brewery, Seimaibuai 50ï¼…, ALC 15.5ï¼…, SMV +2, Acidity 1.5) This is one of my all time favorites. It’s got a cool, clean super-smooth taste, that can be the perfect backdrop to lots of food. It may be a touch on the elegant-dainty side for this hearty Yakatori grub, but, j’dore it just the same.

kubota_hekizyu.jpgThe Kubota was served in a 5 oz glass with a slightly asymectrical rim – very unique. This was easy to nurse throughout the whole meal as course after course of yummy grilled goodies came to our table. This sake is clean as I said, and also wonderful at giving the palate a clean sweep before the next round of skewers.

The food at Torys is very similar to Totto. It’s like they are twin restaurants. Double your pleasure! Double your fun! Everything we tasted was really good and it was fun to watch the grill-master lavish attention on the skewers under his care. All this focus on detail paid off – Everything we tasted was grilled to perfection.

I’ll be back to Tory’s soon to explore the rest of their sake menu. Can’t wait!