Urakasumi Sake at Sakaya

Since the devastating earthquake and tsunami on March 11th, everyone in Japan, New York and all over the world has wanted to do their part to support the Breweries from the Tohoku Region in Northern Japan. It’s common sense that one concrete way I can make a small step towards standing with Tohoku Breweries is to put my money where my mouth is and simply buy more Tohoku sake. I most recently had a chance to focus again on a brewery I love, Miyagi’s Urakasumi.

Sakaya recently held a tasting to feature Urakasumi sake and I stopped in to taste and pick up some bottles. (see pics below) I subsequently enjoyed drinking two of my favorite Urakasumi Brews: Urakasumi Zen Junmai Ginjo and Urakasumi Junmai. Both of these sakes are insanely well-crafted and delicious. The Zen is one of my go-to sakes for finding true north in my eternal search for Junmai Ginjo nirvana.

I’ve visited the Urakasumi Brewery once in 2009 where I spent a delightful afternoon as the guest of it’s gracious President, Mr. Saura. I saw first hand what dedication and devotion the entire team at Urakasumi has to making delicious, world class sake.

I can’t wait to visit Tohoku again someday. But, until that day comes, I’ll keep these sakes near and dear to my heart – and in my shopping cart!