Yakitori Yum Yum

Could it possibly be better your second time? In the case of Yakitori Totto it was! I went there for a late dinner with scott after a long day at school. We had to wait about 45 mins for our table when all was said and done, but the host was just so darn NICE about the wait, we ended up not minding. Just to get this out of the way… The food was delicious!

Now about the SAKÉ! The saké we had first was heaven. My new affordable Junmai Dai-Gingo number 1 pic!!! This new fav is the yummy…Kubota Hekijyu Saké from Niigata.

sake_121005_003.jpgI had seen the bottle before…i remembered later I had seen it in one of those japanese “gift giving” catalogues. I think this is a pretty popular sake and I understand why!. The taste was mellow and very smooth with a voluminous flavor. Scott and I got a Carafe – which I tried very hard to share equally… but I was slurping up quite greedily. Kubota Hekijyu is everything a daiginjo should be in my opinion.

sake_121005_006.jpgTried a second glass on the same nite – it was a dassai junmai gingo. It had a very distinct crisp taste. At first I thought it was mint, but upon closer inspection it became clear it was anaise. Very strong anaise flavor. So, if that sounds appealing to to you- dive into dassai gingo.