OK, everyone’s doing it. let’s go Organic.

Tonight i’m trying my first Organic Sake. It’s also one of the first domestic sakes i’ve ever had. I picked this up on my trip to Mitsuwa last weekend.

It’s Sho Chiku Bai Junmai-Shu / Nama Sake. Produced by Takara Sake of berkely CA. Made with Organic rice. I got the 300 ML bottle. the first thing you notice about this lable is the big word Organic in orange letters. I had to try this since I’d seen it both at Landmark and Mitsuwa. So, it’s easy to get. let’s see how it tastes.

Well, it tasted good! My first foray into domestic, organic sake didn’t disappoint. The flavor was clean, sooth and a little robust with slight, but not unpleasant burnt undertones. quite smooth and drinkable. I enjoyed it. It’s a +5 on the Sake Scale, which is where I tend to like things – no wonder this appeals to me.

Here is what the website has to say:

ho Chiku Bai Organic Nama
It’s totally natural, using OCIA certified rice harvested from the Sacramento Valley with absolutely no preservatives, no brewers alcohol added, no sulfites. It is brewed under the direction of Takara’s master brewer combining the most traditional methods with modern technology to arrive at the Ginjo grade.

Type: Junmai Nama/ Draft(Organic)
Full, dry and balanced flavor with fruity and fresh taste
Dry/Sweet: +5 (dry)
Texture: Soft and smooth
Aroma: Pleasant ginjo aroma
Serving: Chilled
Pairing food: Cold or vinegar-marinated
Alcohol: 15%

I give this organic Saké 3.5 saké bottles
[rate 3.5]