Beam me up, Sake!

I've hit the motherloadIf there is a Mothership for sake lovers in the New York City area, it has to be Mitsuwa supermarket in Edgewater NJ. I discovered Mitsuwa by chance as my Feng Shui school happened to be in Edgewater, too. The first time I saw the sake aisle, phasers were set to stunned! It must be the biggest and broadest selection in the City. That Aisle could be my entire sake

The Aisle of dreamscellar! They also have a great selection of chilled 300ML bottles which are excellent for sampling the more expensive sakes before you commit to a $50 bottle.

Someday I will have worked my way thru tasting all these sakes but until then I can only stare, wishing I had a million dollars to buy them all.

KewpieMitsuwa is more than just Sake. It’s fun to just walk around and explore. Kinda like a really cheap trip to Japan! There is a food court, a crazy selection of Japanese candy… actually a crazy selection of Japanese EVERYTHING.

Too many wonderful-crazy Japanese objects to list, but my hands down favorite discovery on this trip was Kewpie Mayonnaise. this was the weirdest – looked like a regular bottle, but when you touched it, it felt squishy like a breast implant! get your hands on a bottle if you don’t believe me!

If Edgewater sounds like a galaxy far, far away, it kinda is to us city folk. Luckily, but just like Ikea, Mitsuwa has a bus ($2 each way) that will take you right to Mitsuwa from Port Authority. can’t argue with that. If someone else does the driving that frees you up to really enjoy some sake over a yummy, adventurous lunch.

Engage!So, I say, transport over to Port authority, gate 51. Tell the driver to lay in a course for the the Mitsuwa-mothership at warp 8. sit back and relax, you’ll be home soon. Engage!