Visit to Dassai Brewery

I was honored to receive an invitation to visit Asahi Brewery, makers of the delicious Dassai Brand Sake located in Yamaguchi Prefecture. The beautiful Sakurai Family generously opened their home and their business to this curious American/fledgling Samurai, and I was rewarded with a real insider’s view of life at the brewery. This adventure made quite an impression on me as I finally saw with my own eyes how much effort and exacting labor it takes to turn humble rice into the “drink of the gods”. Check out this video and share a bit of my fantastic trip to the home of Dassai.

Need Quicktime? download it here.

Belle Chanto

New York Japanese restaurant Chanto was host recently to a fantastic evening of Daiginjo Sake, Tuna and dancing. The sake was really top notch. It was all Daiginjo or Junmai Daiginjo – some of the best stuff to be had. A huge piece of tuna was cut up and served in many ways and was just delicious. Finally, dancers kimono-clad provided some beautiful entertainment. It was a terrific evening and a great atmosphere! Special thanks to Mr. Teramoto, Chanto Manager and MR Matsumoto from Mutual Trading for making us all feel so welcome.

If you haven’t tried Chanto yet, I recommend you give them a visit.

I Sake New York: The T-shirt!

Here is a quick video showing off one of my favorite T-shirt designs in my line of shirts custom made for fashion forward sake fanatics. If you want to see more sake shirts, visit Kanpai!

15 East

I took Scott out for his birthday to a fantastic new sushi restaurant – 15 East. They have an amazing sake selection to boot. So, it turned out to be a treat for both of us. In this video I just wanted to give you a flavor of what we experienced. I also highlight some of the sakes they offer by the glass on their extensive sake list. If you’ve tried this place, please leave a comment and let me know what you thought of it.

15 East is not to be missed so cook up a special occasion and give it a try!

Sake Cyber Tasting Spring 2007

The idea behind our International Cyber Sake tasting is to have sake bloggers from all over the world taste the same sakes on the same evening and report in on their blogs as to how these sakes stacked up in their part of the world. To get an idea of how Manhattan reacted to these sakes, check out the video below. When you’re done, hop on over to Tokyo Through the Drinking Glass, The Sake Diaries, Shizuoka Sake, TokyoFoodcast and Itadakimasu for other reactions.

Have you tried any of these sakes? Let me know what you think! Video Gallery

Interactive Sake Map

Check out this new feature here at I’ve put together an interactive map of New York City that highlights sake bars, restaurants and retailers. I’ll be expanding and updating this map on a regular basis but please contact me if you want to add a NYC sake location to this map. Also, please be in touch if you want to create an interactive sake map for your city. I’m happy to build a map if you provide locations. One final note: this map is best viewed in the Firefox browser.

I hope this map is useful to you. Please view the video below as a guide to using the New York City sake map. As always, comments and feedback are appreciated!

Sake 101: Bottle Sizes

Just a quick post today to show you the various sake bottle sizes available for purchase. Once you know your 720s from your 300s, you’ll never be in the dark about how much sake you’ll actually get when you buy a bottle. As always, comments and feedback are appreciated.

Sake Review: Harushika “Shiboribana”

Today, we take a look at a terrific nama Sake: Harushika “Shiboribana” (Harushika Brewery, Nara Prefecture, Junmai Ginjo Namazake, SMV +5, Acidity 1.4, Seimaibuai: 60%, ALC 16-17%). This is a great introduction into the world of Nama (unpasteurized) sake. The fresh, alive flavor you get from namas is really special and I hope you try some for yourselves. If you have had this sake, please let me know what you think. Also, you can now subscribe to the video podcasts using iTunes. As always, comments and feedback are appreciated.

Sake Review: Jozen Mizunogotoshi

Today I’m posting my first video Sake Review. I’m taking a closer look at Shirataki Jozen Mizunogotoshi (Shirataki Shuzo, Niigata prefecture, Junmai Ginjo, SMV +3, Acidity 1.4, Seimaibuai: 55%, ALC 15.5%). It’s a delightful, clean drinking and super smooth charmer. I hope you enjoy. If you have had this sake, please let me know what you think. As always, comments and feedback are appreciated.

Sake 101: Sake Classifications

This is another video in the “Sake 101” series which explains the 6 major classifications of sake. These different categories can effect both price and taste of your sake, so it’s worth learning about. I hope you find this useful and informative. Once you know these basics, you’ll be honjozo-ing with the best of ’em.

Please leave a comment or drop me an email if you have any questions, comments or feedback. Thanks so much for the comments so far – I’d love to hear from you.

Sake 101: What is Sake Made From?

This is the first in a series of “Sake 101” video blog entries. This entry is about the ingredients Sake is made from. In future Sake 101 episodes, I’ll discuss the sake production process and sake terminology etc. Please leave a comment or feedback – I look forward to hearing from you.

The Future is Now: Urban Sake Video!

Hi everyone! I’m starting a new chapter today on Urban Sake – Video Podcasting! I hope you enjoy and stay tuned for more episodes soon! Please leave me feedback, comments or questions – I’d love to hear from you.