Chicago: Sake Meetup at Murasaki

Murasaki Chicago
211 East Ontario Street
Chicago, IL 60611
312 266 2280

Price: $25.00 per person

Event Organizer Description
Missed the first MeetUp? No worries! As we continue with our Monthly MeetUp Series, featuring a different sake distributor every month, May will be featuring Fujisake!

For those who attended our incredible MeetUp last month, this will be a great opportunity to revisit some of the basics, but through different sakes, in addition to tasting some fascinating variations. One in particular is a sake fermented from Apple Yeast! Totally different, totally new.

Your first time? In a nutshell, Sake 101 @ Murasaki is a casual yet informative gathering about the wonders of this smooth elixir otherwise known as Sake.

Why the date? Yes, it’s the day before the JASC Sake Tasting, BUT, although the JASC tasting will be exceptional, there will be no formal introduction to sake, AND it’s $20 cheaper! Want to attend Sake 101 @ Murasaki and the JASC tasting? Even better, as you WILL be well informed in what you’ll be tasting the next day.

Instruction will be provided by Certified Sake Specialist Kerry Tamura and French-trained Sommelier Yuriko Cooper of Fujisake. This will be quite extraordinary as we will have an in depth perspective about sake from a formerly trained Wine Specialist.

Also available is a full menu of appetizers ranging from authentic Japanese to yummy cross-cultural deliciousness.

Come out, relax, and learn amongst fun people, chill music and a cozy atmosphere. Also feel free to practice your Japanese here, as the staff are all native level Japanese speakers. 日本語はなしましょ!

Event notes:
There will be a $25 charge for Sake, and the use of the facillity.
Murasaki also has a Private Karaoke room, for anyone that maybe in the mood to sing a song or two.
An appetizer menu will also be available.