Chizuko-san’s Nama Tasting at Sakaya

chizuko_recommends.jpgSakaya has been having some great tastings! A recent enjoyable afternoon was spent visiting with Chizuko-san, our friend and well known Sake Sommelier at Sakagura. Chizuko-san was introducing us to 3 sakes that are perfect for the coming spring.

The first sake is from Chizuko-san’s home prefecture of Akita. It’s the aptly named Akitabare Shunsetsu Honjozo Nama. It’s interesting to note that this sake is pretty much available year round and not a strict spring release. That sure makes me happy when I’m craving a little nama fix outside of nama season. The taste is great with a bit of a sharp finish that stands up to all that hearty Akita food.

Next, Chizuko-san introduced us to Miyasaka Yamahai 50 Nama Ginjo. This is an amazingly interesting sake from the makers of Masumi. It does an exquisite job of balancing the zing of fresh spring nama and the boldness of Yamahai in one bottle. Unique and delicious! Watch for some interesting fruits in the nose… are those yamahai peaches?

The third and final treat is another delight from Masumi, their well regarded Masumi Arabashiri Junmai Ginjo Nama Genshu. This delight just screams springtime nama. It’s fresh, fresh flavor is alive with a fruitiness that may come across a touch sweeter than it actually is. This sake tastes alive and makes me happy to be alive. However, this is so yummy perhaps you might drink more than you should??

Now, now… you can’t really drink too much nama sake. That was a trick question, people! Stop by Sakaya for one of their tastings! It’s the best gig in town for free tastings on a great array of sake. Oh – and if you see Chizuko-san at Sakagura, tell her Urban Sake says hello.