Jetro Sake Tasting

sakes_2.jpgIn early March, The Japan External Trade Organization (Jetro) held an industry tasting event and lecture called “Japanese Jizake: Artisan Sake Tasting at the Ambassador’s Residence.” This really fun event was held at the official residence of the Counsul General of Japan in New York, Mr. Sakurai. Funny as it would seem, I’ve actually been to the Consul General’s home once before!

chizuko_san.jpgThis event was similar to the previous one in so far as the goal was to support awareness of Japanese sake as an export in New York. The day started with Sake 101 lecture given by well known Sake Specialist Michael Simkin. Michael was very well spoken as usual and helped convey the basics of sake in an easy to understand way. I always learn something new when listing to Michael teach, so I’m delighted to hear his lectures whenever I can.

The tasting took place upstairs and was set up according to Sake Distributor Company. Represented was JFC International Inc, Daiei Trading, Nishimoto Trading Co. Ltd., New York Mutual Trading Inc, and Wine of Japan Import Inc. There were over 80 sakes being poured! Did I get to try them all? well… not ALL of them, but here is a sneak peek and some of the highlights.

kudoki_jozu.jpgOur friend and sake sommelier Chizuko-san was helping pour at the Daiei Trading table and introduced us to a new sake: Tenryohomare Sessuiginshizu Junmai Ginjo. This sake was enjoyable. A clean refreshing taste with mild hints of fruits, but a higher acidity than you may find elsewhere. A real discovery!

When I visited the Nishimoto Trading company table, a near and dear sake caught my eye: Kudoki Jozu. My Friend Kuno-san was there and helped me find some great sakes at the Nishimoto table including the fantastic Urakasumi Zen and that wonderfully light Jozen Mizunogotosh.

What a fantastic way to spend an afternoon! I really enjoyed getting to know the sakes a little better and you just could not beat the setting! Word may have gotten around about my second trip to the Ambassador’s Residence. You may even read about it in the papers!