Chrissy Snow Ginjo

Chrissy SnowGrowing up with Three’s Company I identified much more with sensible Janet, but I always had a spot in my heart for that wacky Chrissy Snow. Such unassuming beauty… and yet so naive and uncomplicated. The image of Chrissy Snow leapt to mind with my first sip of MizuNoShirabe Ginjo. This Ginjo is pure and simple – uncomplicated with a sympathetic edge, just like Chrissy.

Mizunoshirabe GinjoIt’s watery clear, clean and crisp with a light fragrant aroma.

And just as we might recall Chrissy’s particular brand of ditzy-logical reasoning, MizuNoShirabe is also not overly complex but utterly delightful in it’s specific charms. First and foremost, it’s so drinkable. With 14.5% Alcohol, it’s a touch on the lighter side as well. I can envision myself enjoying MizuNoShirabe with all kinds of food. This is a bottle to have on hand in the fridge to share with friends who just might… come and knock on your door.

Be sure to look for this Ginjo at your local Sake retailer. It’s sure to please. You can bet your ThighMaster on that!

The Details:
MizuNoShirabe Ginjo, Brewed by Yamamoto Honke, Kyoto Prefecture, ALC 14.5%, SMV +5

I give Mizunoshirabe a 3.5 out of 5 sake bottles
[rate 3.5]