Cold Weather, Hot Sake!

Daishichi and Chiyomusubi

Daishichi and Chiyomusubi

Tonight was freezing in New York! What an inspired idea then to enjoy some warmed sake. This versatility is one of the real secret weapons in the sake world. Sake can be fantastic both warmed and chilled.

People often think sake should only be served warm OR only served chilled. Truth is both can be fantastic depending on the sake and your mood. Try that Chardonnay!

Lucky for me, Sakaya was putting on a free tasting tonight with some real winners both warmed and room temp. Let’s take a look at some of the premium sakes we enjoyed.

First, we had Daishichi Junmai Kimoto Classic. The fact that this Sake is a Kimoto (all sakes from Daishichi are…) predisposes it for having the body and structure that would take kindly to warming. I’m happy to report that the Kimoto “classic” does not disappoint! Warmed, this sake exudes a sexy, restrained tone that reminds me of Lauren Bacall in her prime: Sultry, smooth and seductive.

Second, we tried the delicious Chiyomusubi Goriki Junmai Ginjo. When this sake was warmed, I felt the nose led me a bit astray… wasn’t sure what to expect. On the palate, however, this sake did shine when warmed. It had a wonderful balance of body and alcohol and an unexpected touch of light-sweet-something or other that was just fantastic. Both these sakes delighted me and passed the test. Yum-o.

Sipping these winners warmed me right up. If the cold, blasting winds of a NYC night like tonight can’t turn you onto the charms of warmed premium Nihonshu – nothing can. Kanpai!