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Yukiwatari NigoriI got taken out for my birthday last night by Scott and we went to EN, a wonderful Japanese restaurant down on Hudson at Leroy street. The evening started off right with my friend Scott B. arranging to have a bottle of Yukiwatari Nigori sent to the table. Now, Nigori was not traditionally my favorite, but this Nigori really turned my head. Produced by Asabiraki Brewery, this is everything a Nigori should be. It’s creamy and full and totally unique without having that fermenty-ricey flavor I’ve tasted in Nigori before. The food was a dream as well, but I just needed a little something more this being my birthday and all, so I ordered a DaiGinjo off the menu called “Koshi Hikari” only to later learn this is really known as Kirin. Yes, just like the beer. So, they can’t compete with the brand recognition of Kirin beer, so they re-invent themselves as Koshi Hikari, which is really the name of some kind of rice, I think. Hey, it’s cool to have a secret identity – kinda the Bruce Wayne of Sake. Well, it was crisp, granny-smithy and delightful. subtle and elegant. everything a daigino should be.

Kirin DaiGinjoPresented in a stemless sake glass which I think was Riedel. It was a great cap off for a great birthday. Thanks Scott B for the Nigori. Thank you Scott H. for the wonderful dinner and everything else.