Man’s Mountain. HOOWA!

Man's MountainOk, I have to admit, the english name of Otokoyama’s Tokubetsu junmai reeled me in. MAN’s MOUNTAIN! I just had to give it a try. This could be the very same Otokoyama I had at Menchanko-tei. So, having scaled the heights of man’s mountain and returned with an empty bottle, I can safely say this Junmai is solid. the stats are SMV +10; Acidity 1.6; ALC 15.5%. You can really taste that this is a strong, very DRY Junmai with a hint of fruity-something melon-something. It stands up for itself. I think if the Man Show picked a sake, this would be it. I enjoyed it. It is a good sake to have around for those informal times when something good and strong fits the bill. I’m thinkin’ pizza or chinese take out. I will climb this Mountain again!