Finding an old friend on the sake menu.

A former co-worker of mine had lived in Japan for a year so I called him up and asked him to dinner to pick his brain on living in japan and learning Japanese – all things that have crossed my mind as I learn more about sake. I found a place in his neighborhood called “Yakatori Totto” and we decided to meet there. I gave my friend my whole spiel about my interest in saké and yadda yadda and before you know it, we were seated and I was being asked to pick the saké.

Ok I was starting to sweat. I’m going around telling people yeah, i’m Mr. sake now and wham, I gotta pick something good…. and this guy had LIVED in japan for 2 years – so he knows what good saké is and he will know right away if what I pick totally blows! My eyes were scanning the sake menu… then I saw it! (insert angel choir music here) Amen, Wakatake Daigingo! It was one of my favorites from my trip to decibel and I knew it was a winner. So we got a carafe. My friend said he only wanted one little glass, but needless to say, it was so yummy for both of us, that we ended up splitting it. I must confess, I felt a little proud that after a few months of Sake-stuff, my first attempt at being a saké sommelier, went pretty well! watch your back andrea immer!