Fukuju Night at Sakagura

Fukuju Tasting set

Last night, I enjoyed another fun night of sake at Sakagura. Fukuju brand, made by Hoygo’s Kobe Shushinkan Brewery was celebrated and they offered a tasting set for all the guests.

Visiting directly from the brewery was Mr. Kubota. Each guest who ordered the tasting set received a cute ochoko (sake cup) with the Fukuju logo. Mr. Kubota visited each guest and introduced his sakes personally. This type of one on one connection is something I feel really helps the sake industry to connect with the U.S. market.

Mr. Kubota, Yukie Hashimoto and Mr. Akaboshi at Sakagura’s Fukuju Night

The three sakes in the set included the delicious Fukuju Junmai Ginjo and the Fukuju Mikageko Junmai as well as the delicious Fukuju Junmai Unpasteurized (not yet for sale in the U.S.).

The event was a wonderful exploration of this sake from Kobe. Smooth, delicious and food friendly, all the things you want in a well-crafted sake. Look for Fukuju on a sake menu near you!